October 10th, 2014 Betting Tips: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers

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Hi guys,

It’s Friday, October 10th 2014 and time to do the sports betting tips for today.

There’s only one NHL game tonight and we believe it is just too tricky to call unfortunately. The Islanders have a lot of potential – but that word potential is always scary, especially with the Islanders. It seems the last couple of years we’ve said the same thing about the Islanders.

If you must bet a team tonight, we’d highly recommend betting them to win in regulation as there’s a ton of value there. But for outright wins we would stay away.

UEFA Euro 2016: Bulgaria vs Croatia Tips

Initially we were hoping to bet Croatia to win. We thought they’d have nice odds of 2/1 but unfortunately that is not the case.

Instead, Croatia are at 23/20 and with that we think there is more value on the draw at 9/4.

Bulgaria aren’t a bad team but Croatia are better. Croatia are missing a couple of players, while Bulgaria are a good enough team although struggled against Azerbaijan.

It’s tight, but we’re going to be going with the draw on this one. We feel there is just enough value there, and that these two teams will cancel each other out.

Bet: Bulgaria vs Croatia to end in a draw. 9/4 odds available at https://www.Bovada.lv.

UEFA Euro 2016: Turkey vs Czech Republic Betting Tips

Have to go with the Czechs here.

They’re coming off a massive 2-1 win over the Netherlands. And that wasn’t a flukey game either – sure they got the injury time goal, but the Czechs played some beautiful football.

They know Holland want the possession so they gave it to them and then did what they could to stop them, meanwhile also utilizing any possession they got fairly well.

They’re going up against Turkey who were drubbed away to Iceland, yet the Czechs are the underdogs.

We think the Czechs can win again. The draw is tempting at 23/10 but we think the Czech Republic will be confident enough and know that a win here will have them sitting ridiculously pretty at the top.

Bet: Czech Republic to win at https://www.Bovada.lv for the nice odds of 21/10 to beat Turkey.

UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying: Cyprus vs Israel

Cyprus are coming into this after a massive win over Bosnia-Herzegovina. They’re now at home, and yet are the underdogs against the Israelis.

Israel are good – but they have to fear Cyprus just a bit after the way Cyprus played. Cyprus were calm and played well and even when they were 1-0 down they held up well. Bosnia RAVAGED their goal with 27 attempts but they were shooting a lot of wild ones.

It’s one you can’t think too much about. Cyprus beat Bosnia 2-1 away and any team that did that, deserves a bet when they are at home and underdogs against Israel

Bet: Cyprus to continue their run and get the win. 14/5 odds at https://www.Bovada.lv although you may want to play it safe and go for Cyprus or draw at 7/10.