October 28th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

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A 1-1 record last night.

Some nights you just don’t have it. Some nights the team you are going against just needs it more. That was probably the case in our loss last with the Nets +2 at the Knicks. New York hadn’t won a game yet this season and that was probably their best chance to get over that hump before things got out of control. The Nets got dominated on the boards and the high flying offense didn’t fly high. These games happen sometimes. Nobody goes 0-82 in the NBA, even though the talent level says that maybe they should.

The Rockets game was much more how we predicted as the Houston offense took control in the second quarter and never looked back. We said we liked the Rockets three-point shooting to improve, which it did to 38%. That is the magic number we are looking for from them so be sure to keep an eye on that going forward. Of course, any game where you get a triple double from James Harden is a pretty good day at the office and one where the Rockets are bound to get things done.

We are feeling good about that one and carrying it’s momentum into today. We have just one game that we are focusing on, Detroit at the Clippers, so let’s get right into that one.


Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Clippers Betting Tips:

Who is the hottest team in the NBA? Who is playing at home tonight? What city is the best for away teams to party in the night before? The answer to all of these questions is: LOS ANGELES, BABY!

While I’d like this game without that last factor, we have seen it mess teams up in the past. Considering the Pistons don’t need a lot of help to get messed up, I’ll chalk that up as a positive.

The Clippers are playing really inspired basketball right now. They have a bench that they never had in the Chris Paul era and a fluidity with the basketball that is a lot more fun to watch. With all the big moves this offseason, Danilo Gallinari may be the best pick-up that any team made this offseason. They are doing it in interesting ways too, they have the best turnover percentage and third best rebounding percentage. They have the best Net Rating in the NBA and this looks like the best Clippers team we’ve seen in years.

Detroit? Detroit’s Detroit. They win some games, they lose some games. They are the closest to what I imagine a “.500 team” looks like. I don’t like how close they’ve played some games and some of their wins feel hollow. This is one of the games that they lose and no is all that surprised about. On the road, against a tough team in an environment that doesn’t exactly encourage focus. Yes, please

Drummond is no Jordan, Beverley can handle their point guards easily and Blake Griffin will be the best player on the court. Clippers -7.5 is the play of the day.