October 29th, 2017 NBA Betting Tips

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It was a disappointing 0-1 night last night as our lone pick, the LA Clippers, lost.

The Clippers had a dominant first half against the Detroit Pistons. However they fellt apart in the 2nd half and it was a really bad team performance. 19 freaking turnovers. Unreal. And you could tell they were all angry at each other about it.

Very disappointing one. Always frustrating to see things go so well initially then just crap out like that.

7 games today in the NBA with it all kicking off at 3:30pm EST. Love those early Sunday afternoon games as it’s a great way to spend your Sunday.

Let’s get to it:

Nets vs Nuggets Betting Tips:

The Nets go into this one with a perfect 3-0 home record. They’ve taken the scalps off the Cavaliers, Hawks and Magic with some great performances and I’m going to back them to do it again here.

I’m taking Nets +4.5.

Nuggets haven’t been too impressive yet this season with their only wins being over the Hawks and Kings. The Nets will be in bounce back mode – they were an utter disaster against the Knicks and the only way to go after losing to the Knicks is up.

I’d said to Vin earlier in the season that motivation is going to be a big factor for the Nets this season. When they’re motivated, they should be a good team to back. Unfortunately against the Knicks they weren’t motivated – they thought they could just show up and the Knicks would roll over.

After that performance I like them to be motivated here. D’Angelo should play more today too. If you’re a fan of historical matchup betting trends the Nets have won 6 of the last 7 against the Nuggets.

Personally I like them to win this one but we’ll take the points to be safe.

Nets +4.5 is the play in this one.


Pistons vs Warriors Betting Tips:

The Pistons are getting 13.5 points in this one and I’m going to take Pistons +13.5.

That’s just too many points for me. The Warriors are not doing a good job at shutting off teams and wrapping up games. They’ve only had one really blowout victory which was against the Mavericks. They’re not as dominant as one would expect down the stretch.

The Pistons are on the 2nd half of a back to back which is most likely why they’re getting that many points but I like the run they are on at the moment. The momentum they will carry from that 2nd half against the Clippers will be huge.

Warriors have been slow starters this season I’ve found for the most part. So that momentum will help the Pistons who hopefully can keep it close in the first half then ride it out.

Those are the two picks today. Enjoy the games!