October 30th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

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Well it was an 0-1 night last night. I knew the Heat would put up the points but wasn’t sure the Hawks could match them. I didn’t expect such a woeful showing from the Hawks though. That 2nd & 3rd quarter called them and Heat were able to just coast to the victory.

We had over 116.5 points but the Heat won with 112 points on the board.

Lakers got a big win over the Grizzlies and the Mavs pulled out a win on the road in Denver.

It’s Wednesday, October 30th and we have a busy day. Let’s get to it:

Bulls vs Cavaliers Betting Tips:

Well it has been a rocky start to the season for the Chicago Bulls. There were a lot of expectations that they may be a sneaky team this year, but they are looking anything but. The way they blew that game against the Knicks was brutal.

Now they’re looking out for redemption as they take on the 1-2 Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bulls are struggling at the moment with one of the lowest offensive efficiency stats in the game but Cavs are worse on that front. Bulls are quite simply underperforming right now and I think this team just got very complacent against the Knicks.

They need to step up and be physical tonight and hopefully that this team can do that.

I think Zach LaVine and co are able to step it up tonight. People are writing them off and before the season began I’d be all over this line. I think I still gotta take it tonight.

Bulls -2

Timberwolves vs 76ers Betting Tips:

Queue Rodney Dangerfield with his “ain’t getting no respect” as that’s the Timberwolves right now. Despite their 3-0 start with two dominant wins and a hard fought OT game, they’re 6.5 point underdogs here.

I mean I get that. This is a big step up for them and it’s a tough team. 76ers however had a tough game last time out and barely picked up the win. They lacked a lot of composure the last game.

Timberwolves have players steiing up such as Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins and that’s nice to see. So far this season they are just such an effective team both offensively and even defensively. They play at a fast pace and they should have no problem pushing Philly here.

Should be a close one in my opinion and I’ve got to take Timberwolves +6.5