PDC 2011 Premier League Darts – Week 13 – Bournemouth

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Well, Liverpool hit us badly last week. We got unlucky with Terry Jenkins not managing to squeak out an extra maximum when we needed it and Gary Anderson’s scoring boots just weren’t on.

That puts us at 18-22 and -21.24 units fior the Premier League. Not the greatest and we’ve been missing out by small margins. We’ve got three weeks left to cut that back and save face until the UK Open in June.

The Premier League bandwagon hits the south coast and, more specifically, Bournemouth. Raymond van Barneveld has a lot of history here, with his magnificent 9-darter and it’s always an explosive night of Premier League Darts action.

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Let’s get right down to the action for Bournemouth’s night of Premier League Darts action.

Simon Whitlock versus Mark Webster.

Mark Webster has been truly out of sorts over the past couple of months. He’s struggled with his scoring and as he’s facing some of the best darts players in the world, his scoring needs to pick up. Simon Whitlock, on the other hand, has been playing somewhat up to form. It’s just his usual steady finishing that needs to be improved. When his finishing has been great, he’s looked almost imperious.

Webster averaged 84.40 in his 8-4 defeat to Terry Jenkins and it’s just not good enough. Whitlock 94.45 last week would be more than enough to ease past Webster. The price is nice and we’ll be taking the Aussie for the win here.

Whitlock’s 180 scoring is far superiour to Webster’s, as well, with Whitlock firing in 4 last week, Webster putting in 2, having played one leg less than the Aussie. Whitlock is a tasty enough price to beat Webster in this market, too.

Simon Whitlock to beat Mark Webster 1/2 @ 888.com

Recommend: 6 units.

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Gary Anderson versus Raymond van Barneveld.

A huge match for both second placed Gary Anderson and third placed Raymond bvan Barneveld. If Barney wins 8-3 or greater, he takes second place, while Anderson will be looking to consolodate his second position before the play-offs.

While the 8-3 scoreline against Phil Taylor didn’t particularly flatter Anderson, his scoring was still decent, with an average of 96.54. Barney, in his draw with James Wade, averaged 92.63, which is almost what cuold be expected from the Dutchman.

This could be a close one, with both men trying to get going. However, Anderson has a big win on the floor, beating Phil Taylor in the final on Saturday and he’ll be hoping to use that momentum to his advantage. The bookies has the Scotsman as a slight favourite and I agree. I like Anderson’s chances here.

Again, I think Anderson should have enguh 180s in his locker to take Barney in this market, too. In 14 legs last week, Barney scores on maximum. In 11 legs, Anderson managed 3. The fact is, Anderson’s 180 scoring is the best out there and there’s no reason to think he can’t reproduce that when he needs to tonight.

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Recommend: 3 units.

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Adrian Lewis versus Terry Jenkins.

It was a case of “too little too late” last week for Terry Jenkins. His 8-4 win over Mark Webster, his average of almost 93 and, most importantly, his 73% checkout rate was of a high enough standard to push most Premier League competitors each week.

Adrian Lewis got a huge win over Simon Whitlock, 8-5 and put in an average of almost 96 and hit just over half of his doubles. But that’s the way with Lewis – he’ll score heeavily, then struggle on his doubles. But it didn’t cost him against Whitlock and I don’t think it will cost him again, unless Jenkins get his chances at doubles.

Lewis should have enough in his locker and needs this win to stand a chance of getting into the play-offs, so it should push him to victory. Again, Lewis’ heavy scoring should also see him outscore Jenkins on the 180s. Last week Lewis hit 4 over 13 legs, Jenkins his 2 over 12. Lewis’ price is generous here and we have to take advantage of it.

Adrian Lewis to beat Terry Jenkins 8/11 @ 888.com

Recommend: 4 units.

Adrian Lewis to score more 180s than Terry Jenkins 4/5 @ 888.com

Recommend: 5 units.

Phil Taylor versus James Wade.

The James Wade resurgence stops here. Phil Taylor has been too dominant lately and I can’t see that changing. Wade stuttered to a draw with Raymond van Barneveld last week and it doesn’t bode well for Wade. Taylor’s average of 101.1 against Gary Anderson wasn’t even near his best, while Wade’s 102.66 was almost his best and he still could only draw with Barney.

The markets here are all in line and I can’t see an angle to go at. So we’ll just sit back, finish off uor drinks and then head off to bed, counting our winnings.

Recommend: No bet.

And that’s it from the Premier League Darts in Bournemouth. We’ve got some big bets tonight and they all look good to me. So enjoy the darts and happy betting!