PDC 2011 World Championships Day Ten Tips

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Now, that’s what I’m talking about, folks! A great day yesterday and it now means I’m having a fantastic New Year party, much to the delight of my partner. But I digress… We had a slow start to the day, but we finished with a flourish and we’re now well in profit for the tournament, with plenty of action still to come.

We’re now at 9-11 and we’re in profit to the tune of +4.5 units. Just make sure you’re following the betting advice correctly, as I’d hate for you to be missing out on making a lot more money because you’re betting the same for everything.

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The second lot of second round matches get underway at 1pm, so let’s not waste any more time and get to the tips.

Mark Walsh vs Alan Tabern.

Mark Walsh:

1st round: Best Justin Pipe 3-1
Average: 93.48
180s: 3

Alan Tabern:

1st round: Beat Richie Burnett 3-2
Average: 91.14
180s: 5

This is a very interesting match, with perennial underachiever Mark Walsh taking on the consistently average Alan Tabern. Both men can play to a very high standard and this could be close, but Walsh’s average and impressive win over Justin Pipe might just tip the balance in his favuor. Walsh is rightly the favourite to win and he did impress a lot more than Tabern did and he’s been far more solid on the floor this year than Tabern.

There is also the case of the 180s and the bookie disagree somewhat with the line. some are going 10.5, others are going 8.5, which is lower than I thought, while 10.5 seems right to me.

Mark Walsh to beat Alan Tabern 4/6 @ Stan James.

Recommend: 2 units.

Over 8.5 180s in Mark Walsh vs Alan Tabern match 5/6 @ Blue Square.

Recommend: 1.5 units.

Wayne Jones vs Vincent van der Voort.

Wayne Jones:

1st round: Beat Kirk Shepherd 3-1
Average: 92.63
180s: 2

Vincent van der Voort:

1st round: Beat Preston Ridd 3-0
Average: 85.85
180s: 4

Again, this is another interesting match and it’s making day ten look to be an interesting day. Wayne Jones was solid if unspectacular while beating Wayne Jones and had his usual double trouble. Vincent van der Voort had a very, very easy passage through to the second round and this match is obviously going to be a lot tougher.

That being said, I can’t find any real value in this match, as i think Jones should win, VDV should score more 180s, but the markets are perfectly in line with me. This is a good indicator if Jones is in any kind of form, so just watch and take notes.

Recommend: No bet.

Terry Jenkins vs Steve Brown.

Terry Jenkins:

1st round: Beat Joe Cullen 3-2
Average: 87.11
180s: 5

Steve Brown:

1st round: Beat Jelle Klassen 3-1
Average: 91.46
180s: 5

I have a funny feeling this match is going to be a cracker. Steve Brown did us a huge favour knocking out Jelle Klassen in the first round, while Terry Jenkins stumbled over the line against Joe Cullen, after looking so comfortable. Jenkins’ doubling let him down, as usual, while he scored reasonably well. The fact he fired in 5 180s, scored well, yet he averaged under 90 shows how his doubling was. Add to the fact his highest checkout was 97 points to the fact he was struggling.

Steve Brown looks an interesting prospect, with a decent average and an impressive win. That being said, his highest checkout was 96 and he was somewhat lucky to win 3-1, even though he deserved his win.

We have to have a dabble on Brown just because Jenkins doesn’t seem to like the Alexandra Palace and the price is right. Also, Stan James have a good line for the highest checkout at 125.5, which is quite high considering the form of the two men.

Steve Brown to beat Terry Jenkins 9/4 @ Stan James.

Recommend: 1 unit

Highest checkout in Terry Jenkins vs Steve Brown match under 125.5 5/6 @ Stan James.

Recommend: 1.5 units.

Wes Newton vs Brendan Dolan.

Wes Newton:

1st round: Beat Darin Young 3-0
Average: 87.95
180s: 0

Brendan Dolan:

1st round: Beat Kevin Painter 3-0
Average: 96.32
180s: 3

I honestly think Wes Newton should have the nickname The Enigma. He’s one of those players I can never get right and he was lucky that his opponent, Darin Young, was pretty shocking. The lack of a maximum and an average of 88 wasn’t that impressive. Conversely, Brendan Dolan looked to be in some kind of form, rattling in 3 180s and an excellent average of 96.32 in seeing of Kevin Painter with the greatest of ease. When yo uweigh up both first round performances, it’s crazy to see Wes Newton is such a short price. While Newton was the form player towards the end of the year, he just didn’t impress me and I’m willing to take a chance with the outsider, Brendan Dolan, simply because he averaged almost 10 points more than his opponent in the first round and overcame tougher opposition.

The price of Dolan is simply far too big, so we can’t let this one go. All the other markets look about right, but I think Dolan can pull of a little bit of an upset here.

Brendan Dolan to beat Wes Newton 5/2 @ Victor Chandler.

Recommend: 1 unit.

Simon Whitlock vs Denis Ovens.

Simon Whitlock:

1st round: Beat Steve Evans 3-0
Average: 90.41
180s: 2

Denis Ovens:

1st round: Beat Jyhan Artut 3-1
Average: 88.87
180s: 2

The bookies have this down as a completely one-sided match up and I’m finding it hard to disagree, even though Simon Whitlock has been in pretty average form by his high standards. I still can’t see past a Whitlock win, as Denis Ovens just hasn’t been at the races for the last quarter of the year. Whitlock should have enough to see off Ovens relatively easily and it’s hard to find an angle for this match. The handicap is -2.5 and the prices are still shockingly low for Whitlock, even though he should beat the handicap. The highest checkout line is about spot on and the number of 180s line is practically perfect.

Just sit and watch, take notes because this is make or break for Whitlock. He has to win convincingly here to show everyone he’s back into the kind of form he needs to beat the likes of Wade, Anderson, van Barneveld or Taylor, who have set the benchmark.

Recommend: No bet.

James Wade vs Mensur Suljovic.

James Wade:

1st round: Beat Antonio Alcinas 3-0
Average: 91.53
180s: 1

Mensur Suljovic:

1st round: Beat michael van Gerwen 3-1
Average: 91.51
180s: 3

If you were to just look at the stats for this game, covering the players, this match would be the closest of the second round, priced up at 5/6 the pair. However, you look at the names of the players and suddenly player A becomes 1/9 and his opponent becomes 6/1.

Now, there’s no denying Wade should have too much to beat Suljovic, but Suljovic impressed in spells and might have enoguh to take a coup[le of sets from Wade is the same Suljovic who played in the first set against Michael van Gerwen turns up. The bookies are just underestimating Slujovic a bit too much and the fact the handicap line is -3.5 in favour os Wade is a bit of a shame considering Suljovic averaged into the 100s in the first set of huis first round match, while Wade wasn’t too impressive in his win.

Mensur Suljovic +3.5 sets to beat vs James Wade 8/13 @ Paddy Power.

Recommend: 3 units.

And that’s us for the night. some really interesting matches, especially in the afternoon session. Enjoy the darts and, as always, happy betting!