PDC 2011 World Championships Day 11 Tips

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OK, I’m writing this before day ten is finished, so I don’t have exact figures for you. Those will come at the end of the second round of play now, which will be Thursday morning. Some big names in action throughout the day, none moreso than Phil Taylor, who will be on last.

We’re almost at the end of the World Championships for another year, so let’s make the most of it.

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So, let’s get onto the final lot of second rond matches and those two third round matches.

Colin Osborne vs Jamie Caven.

Colin Osborne:

1st round: Beat Chris Thompson 3-1
Average: 93.02
180s: 5

Jamie Caven:

1st round: Beat Devon Petersen 3-1
Average: 84.28
180s: 4

Another one of those supposed even match-ups that the second round has thrown together. Both players have had very indifferent years in terms of major success, but both have been solid enough on the floor, so the one thing that should help decide this match is form in the first round. Looking at that, Colin Osborne should be almost a certainty, with a far superior average in disposing a better player than Devon Petersen.

Osborne is 8/13, which is the real problem, as it’s a bit too short for my liking. This match might be closer than the price would have you believe, so the outright market isn’t the bet for me. However, both men showed that they were handy on the maximums in their first matches and if they keep that up, the line of 9.5 should be easily beat.

Over 9.5 180s in Colin Osborne vs Jamie Caven match 5/6 @ Victor Chandler.

Recommend: 2 units.

Gary Anderson vs Dennis Priestley.

Gary Anderson:

1st round: Beat Morihito Hashimoto 3-0
Average: 103.26
180s: 3

Dennis Priestley:

1st round: Beat Bernd Roith 3-0
Average: 92.21
180s: 3

A hard, hard task for Dennis Priestley to overcome Gary Anderson. Anderson looked impressive in his first round match; he won without dropping a leg. Priestley also impressed, but his scoring was weak at times, which can’t happen against Anderson, as he will punish you.

1/6 for Anderson is shockingly short when yo uconsider the pedigree of Priestley, but I can’t see past the Scotsman taking this easily. The only thing I really like the look of is Anderson on the handicap, as it’s -2.5 in his favour, so we’ll be having a dabble on that.

Ganry Anderson -2.5 to beat Dennis Priestley 4/5 @ Stan James.

Recommend: 2 units.

Mervyn King vs Andy Smith.

Mervyn King:

1st round: Beat Magnus Caris 3-0
Average: 94.25
180s: 1

Andy Smith:

1st round: Beat Shane Tichowitch 3-1
Average: 93.26
180s: 6

A very intersting match, as Mervyn King has looked succeptible over the past few months, although he looked decent enough in the first round. Andy Smith impressed in his first roudn match, although he wasn’t pushed too much by his Australian opponent. I think this could be close and King is far too short, so we have to take him on. Smith is capable of some big scoring and top finishing, so he’s a value bet at the price.

Andy Smith to beat Mervyn King 100/30 @ Blue Square.

Recommend: 1 unit.

Raymond van Barneveld vs Kevin McDine.

Raymond van Barneveld:

1st round: Beat Steven Hine 3-1.
Average: 94.28
180s: 2

Kevin McDine:

1st round: Beat Barrie Bates 3-1
Average: 77.65
180s: 2

To be honest, this is going to be one-sided. Raymond van Barneveld has arond 17 points on Kevin McDine on the averages, while McDine didn’t impress on the doubles, either. Barney should take this at a canter is the same McDine turns up and it’s a question of whether Barney can beat the handicap. The line there is -2.5 and I’d normally love that, but with the price at 1/2, it’s no value. Also, the match could be over quickly if McDine doesn’t hit his doubles, so the 180 count and the highest checkout aren’t too appealing. Let’s just watch a Dutch master in action.

Recommend: No bet.

Mark Webster vs Mark Hylton.

Mark Webster:

2nd round: Beat Ronnie Baxter 4-0
2nd round average: 97.22
Tournament 180s: 5

Mark Hylton:

2nd round: Beat Colin Lloyd 4-2
2nd round average: 93.52
Tournament 180s: 14

Oh, I’m looking forward to this match. It’s the first match of the third round and we get to see tournament surprise package Mark Hylton taking on the man of he moment, Mark Webster. Webster has looked impressive in his first two matches, but Hylton has been on slouch, knowing in 14 maximums against Steve Beaton and Colin Lloyd.

This match is still a race to 4 and I do think it’s Webster’s to lose. However, Hylton won’t make it easy, as his average is getting better as the tournament goes on. It’s Hylton’s 180 scoring that we’re going to be backin here, as he’s got a huge edge of Webster and it’s the only angle I can find on the match.

Mark Hylton to score more 180s than Mark Webster Evens @ Blue Square.

Recommend: 2.5 units.

Phil Taylor vs Peter Wright.

Phil Taylor:

2nd round: Beat Per Laursen 4-0
2nd round average: 102.09
Tournament 180s: 2

Peter Wright:

2nd round: Beat Paul Nicholson 4-2
2nd round average: 85.39
Tournament 180s: 3

I’m going to keep this short and sweet – Peter Wright’s tournament ends here. He’s rode his luck well until now, but it looks like The Power could be back and his first round average was almost 20 points better than Wright’s. There is no angle here, so we’ll just enjoy watching a legend in action.

Recommend: No bet.

And that’s it for now, as we get the third round underway with two of the tournament favourites in action. Enjoy the darts and happy betting!