PDC 2012 World Championship Day Ten Tips

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And we’re back and hopefully refreshed after our enforced break due to Christmas. Hopefully you had a great Christmas with the extra cash I helped you earn. After a rushed day nine’s tips, we’re 18-15, and in profit to the tune of +11.80 units. So, definitely a great Christmas for Darts Betting Tips’ followers.

Day Nine wasn’t a great night in terms of darting action once Mark Walsh and Kevin Painter left the stage, but we’re back with a bang with double sessions in the lead up to the final. It’s an early start (1pm), so remember to get your bets on quickly and in all the places I recommend.

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Terry Jenkins (10) versus Co Stompe (23).

Terry Jenkins: Best price – 1/2 @

First round:
Beat Joe Cullen 3-0
Average: 95.39
180s: 2
Highest checkout: 116
Legs played: 12

Co Stompe: Best price – 7/4 @ Paddy Power.

First Round:
Beat Michael Smith 3-0
Average: 88.64
180s: 4
Highest checkout: 79
Legs played: 12

What a way to start back after a break! This has all the makings of a PDC World Championship classic. Terry Jenkins looked to be playing back at a reasonably high standard, after a poor 24 months, if we’re being honest. Sure, he wasn’t made to work by Cullen, who put in an average of just over 83, so The Bull wasn’t pushed. However, he put in a handy average even though he was under no pressure to do so. The Jenkins was in the PDC’s top 8 for so long (and even higher) is testament to just how solid he can actually play. However, Jenkins’ big strength used to be his maximum scoring, but he didn’t manage many in his first round match and he’s not actually been putting many in during this year’s televised tournaments. So, he’s still not playing to his previous best, but he certainly played well in the first round.

Co Stompe started unbelievably slow in his first round match and his average reflects this. He did first in four maximums, but his scoring in between those maximums was, at times, just filthy. That being said, he came through the match unscathed and will now relish the chance to face one of the biggest names in the PDC. Stompe does usually come good when under pressure, as was evident at the Grand Slam of Darts. Add in that he gets the crowd on his side and you can never count him out. The one thing Stompe needs to get sorted is his finishing. On his day, he’s a classy finisher, and he’ll need that to come through this second round match. He looks to be over the injuries that have hampered him at times this year, so he’s going to make a fight of this, regardless of what the bookies think.

On paper, the bookies have this almost a foregone conclusion, but I don’t think it is. Stompe’s average wasn’t the best because he never got near the big combination finishes. His finishing of 43% was actually pretty good, while Jenkins’ was 36%, so Stompe has the upper-hand when it comes to maximums and also doubling, and we have 12 legs from both men to base this on. The thing here is the price for Stompe and I can’t overlook that I think he’s very overpriced, considering he’s better than his ranking suggests, while Jenkins’ form is just in and out, and he can be unreliable. If the crowd gets behind Stompe, it’s going to put him in a good position.

I also like Stompe to score the most 80s in this match. Again, both men had 12 legs in their first round match; Stompe hit 4, Jenkins hit 2. While not conclusive evident, the fact 888.com have him a huge price in my opinion shows how blinkered the bookies are to Jenkins’ chances.

Co Stompe to beat Terry Jenkins: 7/4 @ Paddy Power.

Recommend: 1 unit.

Co Stompe to score more 180s than Terry Jenkins: 6/4 @ 888.com.

Recommend: 1 unit.

Richie Burnett versus John Part (27).

Richie Burnett: Best price – 4/5 @

First round:
Beat Mark Webster 3-2
Average: 95.30
180s: 11
Highest checkout: 121
Legs played: 24

John Part: Best price – 11/10 @ Betfair.

First round:
Beat John Henderson 3-0
Average: 88.82
180s: 1
Highest checkout: 96
Legs played: 11

You haven’t travelled back in time and you’re not watching the BDO from an eternity ago. Honestly, Richie Burnett is taking on John Part in the World Championship. Two former world championships facing off in the second round of the PDC 2011 World Championship and not a dodgy moustache in sight!

Burnett knocked out fellow countryman Mark Webster in an epic first round encounter. It was a continuation of the form that’s seen Burnett back on our TV screens as often as Top Gear on Dave. The Welshman’s first round performance speaks for itself, with 11 maximums, equal only to Vincent van der Voort. He even managed a nice highest checkout of 121, so his game was firing on all cylinders, even though it almost went the distance into sudden death. So, keeping that performance going over the length of time shows you the kind of form Burnett really is in, and I have no doubt that he’s been looking forward to this match since he beat Mark Webster what seems like an eternity ago.

John Part might as well have had a bye in the first round. John Henderson’s injury is clearly still an issue and it’s actually a shame for the first reserve, Chris Thompson, that Henderson didn’t withdraw. However, there was prize money on offer and, as we saw with Denis Ovens, even if you’re injured, just get to the oche, injury or not and pick up your cheque after you lose. So, Part didn’t really have to work for his win there. It shows in his 180s count and also that his highest checkout was under 100. Not exactly the type of form you want to take into a game against a former world champion who’s playing at the best level he’s played since the ’90s. Just looking at Part’s recent form in comparison to Burnett’s and it’s hard to believe Part is the seeded player here. He’s just not been at the races often this year and he’s not bringing world beating form into this competition.

In all honesty, I can only see one outcome here and that’s a win for Richie Burnett. Part wasn’t tested in his first round match, unlike Burnett, so we know Burnett’s got his eye in, and he’s playing unbelievably well. In fact, even taking out his first round match, Burnett has been outstanding when he’s been given the chance this year, and looks like he belongs back in the top 16 with his performances. Part hasn’t looked like that in a while. I think the bookies has overpriced the Welshman slightly, so let’s get stuck into them. And if you look at the first round stats, Part averaged a 180 ever 11 legs, Burnett nearly one every second leg. yet the he’s just shades of odds-on to out perform Part on that stat, which is just mind-blowing. Again, let’s hit the bookies here.

Richie Burnett to beat John Part: 4/5 @

Recommend: 2.5 units.

Richie Burnett to score more 180s than John Part: 5/6 @ 888.com.

Recommend: 3 units.

Vincent van der Voort (16) versus Andy Hamilton (17).

Vincent van der Voort: Best price – 23/20 @

First round:
Beat Mark Hylton 3-2
Average: 95.70
180s: 11
Highest checkout: 134
Legs played: 21

Andy Hamilton: Best price – 4/5 @

First round:
Beat Antonio Alcinas 3-2
Average: 97.18
180s: 5
Highest checkout: 125
Legs played: 21

An interesting match to finish of the first session on Tuesday. The 16th seed takes on the 17th seed and on paper there’s very little to separate them.

Vincent van der Voort scraped through against Mark Hylton and it was mainly down to his maximum scoring. A maximum every other leg helped him crawl over the finish line with a fantastic average. The highest checkout of 134 also helped matters, to be fair. Still, it was a solid fighting performance from the Dutchman and he’ll fancy his chances against Andy Hamilton, even though The Hammer holds the head-to-head advantage. Van der Voort played some great darts in the first round and showed great fight to get here, so no-one will be scaring him right now and it’s that confidence which will help him here.

Andy Hamilton participated in one of the best matches of the first round, and almost lost to Spain’s Antonio Alcinas. Like his opponent tonight, he showed great fight to take the match down and he’ll also have no fear about tonight’s match. It was a performance from Hamilton that I’ve not seen from him in such a long time. His scoring was strong, his finishing was exceptional and even though he didn’t “hammer” in the maixmums, it was a great performance. He holds a 10-6 head-to-head advantage over Van der Voort, but only one performance was televised, and that was back in 2007’s Grand Slam of Darts, over a much shorter format, so it doesn’t hold too much of a bearing. This is the first time the men have played over a longer format against each other, so it’s uncharted ground for Hamilton. But he’ll fancy his chances tonight, too, and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t – he’s playing much better than this time last year.

To me, this is the epitome of a coin-flip and the bookies think so too, making Hamilton the slight favourite. On one hand, I don’t blame them, as his average was better and he beat an opponent playing to a high standard. However, VDV ticked all the boxes in his first round performance, so I could also understand if he was favourite. To me, it’s 10/11 the pair, but what interests me is the highest checkout market. I think it’s going to be a long game, settled by the better finisher, so they’re going to need a couple of big checkouts and the line of 125.5 is very, very tempting. Both men are capable, as we saw in the first round, so we’ll have a nibble.

Highest checkout in Vincent van der Voort versus Andy Hamilton match over 125.5: 5/6 @ Paddy Power.

Recommend: 1.5 units.

James Richardson versus Kim Huybrechts.

James Richardson: Best price – 6/5 @ Paddy Power.

First round:
Beat Raymond van Barneveld 3-0
Average: 89.79
180s: 1
Highest checkout 145 (x2)
Legs played: 14

Kim Huybrechts: Best price – 7/10 @ Betfair.

First round:
Beat Brendan Dolan 3-0
Average: 88.62
180s: 1
Highest checkout: 91
Legs played: 11

Congratulations if you backed both men to win their first round matches. We only managed to get Kim Huybrechts right, so this is a bit of a shock to have both men here.

James Richardson provided us with the shock of the first round, and one of the biggest shocks in recent memory at the PDC World Championship, knocking out Raymond van Barnveld. The main reason? His checkouts were exceptional. Barney would be waiting to pounce, and Richardson just came in and took out some big finishes with aplomb. While he may not need quite the same type of performance tonight, it doesn’t hurt to have the confidence in your doubling that Richardson will no doubt have. The main worry for him will be the enforced break due to Christmas which might mess up his momentum. However, he’s here on merit and will fancy his chances against the Belgian here. The only weakness in his first round match was his maximum scoring, but the same can be said of his opponent, so he’s not to be written off just yet.

Kim Huybrechts didn’t surprise me getting past Brendan Dolan, it was the manner in which he did it. His performance at the European Championships got people sitting up and taking notice, so he’s now ready to move up to the next level and this is the perfect opportunity for him, as he’ll have a lot of confidence that he can take apart Richardson. His overall stats from the first round won’t win him many tournaments, but he was steady enough and only dropped 2 legs, so we can’t complain. However, looking at someone the bookies has as a comfortable favourite, you’d want to see a three-figure checkout and an average over 90, as well as a couple more maximums. As it stands, Huybrechts’ performance makes this seem like a 50/50 match for me.

This match could go either way for me. Richardson’s year has been unspectacular, to say the least, up until his first round win, while Huybrechts has done nothing of note aside from the European Championship. Both men put in solid if unspectacular performance in in the first round and you’d have to give the edge to Richardson simply because he hit the higher checkout and actually was pressured by his opponent, whereas the Belgian had it his own way. What I do like to see, though, is that the bookies make Richardson the outside to hit the highest checkout, even though he trumped Huybrechts when comparing first round stats, quite convincingly. So, we’re going to have a little play here in a match that could go either way.

James Richardson to have the highest checkout against Kim Huybrechts: Evens @

Recommend: 1.5 units.

Phil Taylor (1) versus Dave Chisnall.

Phil Taylor: Best price – 1/7 @ 888.com.

First round:
Beat Haruki Muramatsu 3-0
Average: 99.98
180s: 2
Highest checkout: 98
Legs played: 12

Dave Chisnall: Best price – 6/1 @ Paddy Power.

First round:
Beat Mark Dudbridge 3-0
Average: 98.52
180s: 3
Highest checkout: 90
Total legs played: 12

For Phil Taylor, his 2012 PDC World Championship starts here. He saw off the qualifier with the minimum of fuss and still managed the second highest average of the round. He did look slow out of the gates, but when he got into his stride, he looked hard to beat. He’s been back to somewhere near his best for a few months now, and only blames the crowd for his defeat at the hands of Mervyn King in Doncaster. However, he’s not going to have it quite as easy as he did in the first round, and he can’t get too complacent at the start of the match like he did in the first round. In fact, Taylor’s Japanese opponent had chances that a played like Dave Chisnall wouldn’t miss, so he’ll have to be playing his best darts from the outset.

This is what the past 12 months have been about for Dave Chisnall, since qualifying from Q School last January. He’s not taking on Phil Taylor in the World Championship and would be hard pushed to be coming in playing better. He scored the third highest average of the first round and was never troubled by Mark Dudbridge. He averaged a maximum every four legs, which is tame by his standards, so if he improves that, the average will creep up even further. While it would be easy to say it’s hard to judge Chisnall’s performance since Dudbridge was that poor, you have to remember that putting in an average of almost 100 when you’re not being pushed is impressive going. So, Chisnall will fancy his chances here. In fact, he’ll be more confident he can beat Taylor in a mid-length format than a longer format, so The Power might be ripe for the picking in Chissy’s eyes.

These two have yet to face each other in the PDC, so it’s fitting the first time should be the World Championship. Chisnall’s had a phenomenal year and finally got the tournament win he deserved not so long ago. It’s hard to argue that these are two of the most in-form men on the PDC Tour, so it should be a classic. Personally, I’d love to see a Chisnall win, as he’s got something about his game that’s hard to hate – apart from his doubling. However, Taylor has just been going through players like a hot knife through butter over the past few months and although not the force of old, it’s still enough to keep him at the top. That being said, I do believe Chisnall is over-priced here, and if he can keep his doubling under some sort of control, he’ll be in with a shout here. He can keep up with Taylor’s scoring, so it’s just the doubling that could be an issue here. So, at the price, we have to go with Chisnall.

The other avenue I want to pursue is the winner of the most 180s. Both men played an identical number of legs in the first round and Chisnall out performed Taylor. So, to me, Chisnall is the obvious choice here, as he is one of the top 180 scorers in the game.

Dave Chisnall to beat Phil Taylor: 6/1 @ Paddy Power.

Recommend: 1 unit.

Dave Chisnall to score more 180s than Phil Taylor: Evens @

Recommend: 2 units.

Paul Nicholson (9) versus Alan Tabern (24).

Paul Nicholson: Best price – 2/7 @ 888.com.

First round:
Beat Mensur Suljovic 3-1
Average: 91.01
180s: 4
Highest checkout: 110
Legs played: 14

Alan Tabern: Best price – 100/30 @ Paddy Power.

First round:
Beat Christian Perez 3-1
Average: 86.81
180s: 2
Highest checkout: 149
Total Legs Played: 17

Not the most convincing performances from Paul Nicholson in the first round, but the No.9 seed did have one of the most frustrating opponents on the PDC Tour beside him on the oche, so no doubt his rhythm will have been ruined because of it. Still, he fired in a few maximums, got a nice checkout on the board and started with a solid average, overcoming a potentially trick obstacle. Nicholson seems to have found his place in the PDC, and probably deserves to be in the top 8, actually, so a good run here will cement that position and the draw has been kind to him here.

Not a great year for Alan Tabern and the only way is down, by the looks of things, as his results haven’t been the best. When you factor in his performance against the prelim winner Christian Perez in the first round, it doesn’t fill you with confidence in backing him. Tabern just doesn’t seem to the the solid as a rock player that he once was and it wouldn’t surprise me to see his career start to follow Dennis Priestley’s. However, he still has some game left in him and his 149 checkout was a thing of beauty in the first round, so his game isn’t in the doldrums just yet.

I can’t see anything other than a Nicholson win here, but then neither can the bookies. So we’ll leave that market alone. What I do like is the highest checkout market, as both men put in good checkouts in the first round and both men like a good combination finish. The line of 125.5 is on the low side for me, so for our final bet of the night, that’s where we’ll head.

Highest checkout in the Paul Nicholson versus Alan Tabern match over 125.5: 5/6 @ Paddy Power.

Recommend: 1.5 units.

And that’s all we have for a bumper Tuesday of darts. Remember the early starts from here on in and don’t get caught out and miss any chance to win some more cash money for a cracking New Year. We’re back tomorrow with another six matches, including the start of the third round. I can’t wait, and today’s darts hasn’t even started yet!

Until then, remember our good friends that are offering £50 of free bets to their new customers. Don’t forget to head over to 888.com.