September 11th, 2015 Betting Tips: Saturday Soccer

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Welcome to the Sports Betting Tips for Friday, September 11th, 2015.

It’s a big weekend in sports. Well, sort of. If we try really really hard then maybe, just maybe we’re slightly hyped for Mayweather vs Berto? Nah, not really. It’s amazing to think of the hype for Pacquaio vs Mayweather compared to Berto vs Mayweather. Probably a large part of it is Mayweather pushing on about how he is retiring after this one. No-one believes him and that’s taken away a lot from the fight.

Clearly it was the wrong story to tell. The right story would have been tieing Rocky Marcianos record, and having him go up against Khan. Mayweather would waltz rings around Khan(literally) but the UK media would have made it such a bigger fight.

Oh well maybe for 50-0?

And of course the NFL is kicking off as well. We’ll have full analysis of that on Sunday morning for you. For now let’s get ready for the soccer tomorrow:

Soccer Betting Tips:

We’re getting a pretty solid price of 8/13 on Man City to win against Crystal Palace. City have looked absolutely tremendous this season. Obviously this line is that high based on Palace and their results so far. They got that huge win away to Chelsea, gave Arsenal a tough game and have beaten both Aston Villa and Norwich. Props to Palace for those results for sure – but this one is going to be a dominant victory from Man City. I mean honestly City are in a whole different tier at the moment and the only worry is the international break stopping their flow. We just can’t see that.

We also have to take Chelsea to beat Everton. Chelsea are poor at the moment but you have to expect them to bounce back strong here. Everton struggle against the big teams. They will try to stifle Chelsea but we expect there to be more aggressiveness in the Chelsea attack this week.

We also feel Watford vs Swansea has a draw written all over it. Watford have been very good this season with 3 draws – their only loss was against Man City. They know how to play and being at home will help. Swansea on both of their away games have gotten draws. Swansea have been darn good that’s for sure with the results against Man Utd and Chelsea – but we think both teams go to a draw here.

In Scottish football, Hearts vs Inverness Caley is later today and we are recommending a bet on Hearts to win. Inverness Caley have had very mixed results while Hearts have looked excellent. The only concern is Hearts away form – they’re not the best there. But 13/10 is a very strong price, and one that we have to get on.

There’ll be more Scottish football tips posted early tomorrow morning.

Finally in the English Championship, go with the 19/10 Hull to beat Brighton. This should be a huge match but everything we have seen from Hull suggests they are more than a match for Brighton. A draw is the safe bet but we consider Hulls teams they have played against stronger – and like them to get the win.