The Lawro Audit: BPL Week 5

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So, the prediction god that is Mark Lawrenson had the week off last week, thanks to the International week of fixtures, and it was a well deserved rest too. Why? Well, he only went and had another week of fantastic results! The highlight of his Week 4 performance in the English Premiership was undoubtedly the 2-1 win prediction for Swansea. Who else but the tipping legend that is Lawro would have got that right? We were all in shock when the Swansea goals went in, as we knew it could only mean one thing – Mark Lawrenson was predicting an 11/1 winner. We all had a few drinks after that one. Not to celebrate, but to ease the shock.
Where does that leave the legendary tipster in terms of profit? Well, he’s now +8.17 units ahead in the audit. Yes, he wasn’t helped by some other shocks such as Liverpool losing to West Ham and Chelsea losing to Crystal Palace, but hey, we’re not going to complain when the big man is already ahead on the season.
Just a note that our own prediction software is taking the week off. It’s still in shock at Lawro being ahead, so has decided to shut down for the week. Now, let’s see what the Living Legend has to say about this week’s Premiership fixtures.

Everton vs Chelsea

The Battles of the Stones, as no-one has dubbed this battle. But where does Mark Lawrenson think the 3 points are going to go? Well, he thinks Chelsea are going to get back on track with a 2-0 win. So that’s a Evens chance of Chelsea winning, with the correct score paying 2-0. You know, it’s not the most surprising prediction, but I’d hate to put money on Chelsea OR Everton right now, as they’re both wonderfully inconsistent.

Arsenal vs Stoke

Can anyone see an upset here? Not Lawro, that’s for sure. He’s going 2-0 Arsenal, with the correct score paying 5/1 and the result paying 2/7. Yeah, not much to say here other than Arsenal are fun to watch, aren’t they?

Crystal Palace vs Manchester City

The potential for Game of the Weekend is surely this one, isn’t it? Pardew’s Palace have no fear and are coming off the back of a famous win over Chelsea. But Mark Lawrenson is having none of it and predicts a 2-0 win to Manchester City. 8/13 is the price for a City win, and it’s 17/2 for the correct score. Personally, it’s a game I wouldn’t want to be backing Manchester City at such a short price, especially away from home – there are far better bankers out there to be getting involved with. Still, it’s the sensible prediction when you’ve got a reputation to uphold.

Norwich vs Bournemouth

Stick a pin in this win to predict the winner. Lawro’s pin went in a 2-1 win for Norwich, and that seems fair enough. Both sides are playing around the same level, and home advantage is certainly helpful for the Canaries. 7/5 for Norwich to win, and 8/1 for the correct score. Nothing wrong with that prediction at all.

Watford vs Swansea

Lawro isn’t one for going with form, and instead of going for the in-form Swansea, he’s tipping the draw here, something that I’m all too familiar with. He’s going for a 1-1 draw. The draw itself pays 9/4 and the score pays 6/1 and is the market leader. I actually like Swansea here, and see a bit of value in them, along with a few goals.

West Brom vs Southampton

Another 1-1 draw on the cards here is Mark Lawrenson is to be believed. 9/4 and 5/1 for the result and score respectively. Yeah, not an original choice by a long shot, but it seems sensible. It’s too early to see if Southampton can build on the last couple of seasons, and West Brom are so inconsistent that it’s become quite funny. Lack of European football will help Southampton, and if this match was later in the season, it would probably be a Saints win. Flip a coin and pick a correct score to go with it, you won’t be far off.

Manchester United vs Liverpool

The so-called Game of the Week, but on paper it looks terrible. Both sides have underperformed early in the season, and I don’t hold out much hope of a classic here. Lawro thinks the same and is going for yet another 1-1 draw. It’s 5/2 for the draw and 6/1 for the correct score. Whatever. I’m going to take a nap instead of watching this, as it will be the usual over-hyped drivel. I’m actually surprised Lawro hasn’t gone for a 0-0, but then that would be bucking some kind of weird trend that he’s got going on this week.

Sunderland vs Tottenham

The Greatest League In The World brings us a delightful match-up here, and Lawro is keeping the trend up by going for another 1-1 draw. Do you think he gets as bored with all of this as the rest of us? You have to think so. Anyway, the draw pays 5/2 and the 1-1 scoreline pays 11/2. I’ll be at the pub and if they’re showing this match, I’ll be disappointed. My prediction? Pain. For the people watching this match, of course.

Leicester vs Aston Villa

On the back of what will no doubt have been a classic, Lawro is finally prediction a match to have an outright winner. He’s taking Leicester to beat Aston Villa 2-1. It’s 5/6 for a Leicester win and 8/1 for the correct score. I’ll be sleeping off several pints during this, which will probably be more enjoyable. To be honest, I was surprised Lawro didn’t take another draw here, so fair play to him for sticking his neck out.

West Ham vs Newcastle

Finally match of what looks a terrible week on paper for the fans, and Mark Lawrenson is signing off with… a 1-1 draw! Seriously, he’s gone for 1-1 in 50% of this week’s matches. That’s why he’s the supreme tipster, of course, with his fearlessness of going for the absurd. Again, it’s 5/2 for the draw and 6/1 for the correct scoreline. I’ll just put it out there that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how my friend and I thought West Ham were going to be a great away side – well, they proved that against Liverpool a fortnight ago. As for being a great home side, maybe not, sure I think Newcastle are some cracking value here. My opinion would be to get involved with the Toon Army, who have had some solid performances against Arsenal and Manchester United recently.

In short, Mark Lawrenson predicts a glut of 1-1 draws. Exciting, eh? But who are we to doubt a man who is almost 9 units in profit? Not that his current success will stop us scrutinising him and his predictions. The Lawro Audit continues.

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