September 22nd, 2021 Betting Tips: MLB & AEW Grand Slam

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A big night in the world of professional wrestling as All Elite Wrestling brings one of the biggest events on television in years. AEW Grand Slam will take place at Arthur Ashe Stadium, home of the U.S. Open.

Kenny Omega versus Bryan Danielson (formerly Daniel Bryan) is the big match and it is an absolute dream match. If you’ve ever thought about checking out AEW, this is the show to do it.

Reminder that if you are interested in professional wrestling betting, check out the Going Over: Bet Pro Wrestling podcast hosted by the Scotsman. He already did an episode on tonight’s show, you can listen below.

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Not much on the schedule has grabbed the MLB System lately with just one game today and none last night. Sometimes you just get a stretch of schedule like this where the match-ups just don’t work out. Hopefully the new series later in the week will be better.

AEW Grand Slam Betting Tips:

Cody Rhodes (+100) vs. Malakai Black (-140): This feels like a surefire Cody win. Despite what some people feel about him, Cody is an absolute star in this company and a big win on a big show is exactly what you want from a big star. He can get another match down the line with Black if that’s the way they want to go, but him making his big return should lead to a big win.

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FTR (-275) vs. Sting & Darby Allin (+185): Two tag team specialists against two stars can always go either way, but this is Sting and Darby Allin we’re talking about. Sting is the legend in this promotion and his first loss in AEW needs to really mean something. I just don’t see a loss to FTR meaning something like that.

Darby could really use a big win to re-establish him as the star he is after the Punk loss. This feels like a feel good moment for the crowd on a night that should be full of them.

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Kenny Omega (-320) vs. Bryan Danielson (+210): It is incredible that we are getting a match of this level on free television tonight. This is the kind of match people have been dreaming about for years and it is finally going to happen here.

Personally, I think that Kenny Omega needs to win here. It would be a good thing for AEW’s top guy to beat the guy who has been WWE’s top guy. Bryan is bulletproof and would lose nothing with a loss. It could focus his character that he is no longer in WWE and needs to step up his game.

The odds are a big high here, but I am going to be putting a little bit on Kenny anyway. That is my only option as an American. If you live outside the USA, bet him at +160 at Mr Green. INSANE price.

Pick: Bet Kenny Omega -320 at BetOnline - 50% to $1000 Welcome Bonus

Dr. Britt Baker (-600) vs. Ruby Soho (+350): I wasn’t sold on this one until I listened to the Everything Elite podcast. Basically, this card is filled with great matches, but few that have the potential to surprise you. You can pretty much expect what you are going to see up and down the card.

A Ruby win would definitely qualify as a shock and it doesn’t seem like all that bad of an idea. They can definitely do a rematch down the road and give Britt the title back if she needs it. If this match happens before the Bryan/Omega match, it could really add some drama and doubt to how that one ends.

Pick: Bet Ruby Soho +350 at BetOnline - 50% to $1000 Welcome Bonus

MJF (-500) vs. Brian Pillman (+300)

The odds on these ones are just too high and I don’t see a lot of value in the underdogs.

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MLB Betting Tips:

All MLB tips based on the starting pitchers listed. Tips should be considered void if any pitching changes are made unless otherwise noted. Occasionally the “follower” will be listed as we are betting on who will pitch the bulk of the innings.

Question: What are these stats?
Answer: Check out our MLB System Stats Guide to find out.

San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres Betting Tips:

Pitcher FIP- HR/9+ K%+ BB%+ Bullpen FIP-
Team wRC+
Rank BP FIP- L14
wRC+ L14
Scott Kazmir 179 316 103 39 93 7 98 12
SDP   92 97 106 97 13 69 29
Vince Velasquez 132 164 101 135 97 10 141 27
SFG   114 107 106 108 4 147 1

This looks to be a great match-up for Giants offense. They are hitting the ball very well of late with a 147 wRC+ over the past two weeks. Vince Velasquez is one of our favorite pitchers to pick on and he has a huge HR/9 rate.

A small sample on Kazmir, but he looks to be decent enough to get the job done here. His rest of the season projection has him at a 4.64 ERA/4.43 FIP. The Padres offense is in a bad way right now with a 69 wRC+ over the past two weeks.

Pick: Bet Giants First 5 Innings Moneyline

USA: Best Odds: -110 at BetOnline - 50% to $1000 Welcome Bonus
Everyone Else: Best Odds: 1.90 at Sports Interaction – $125 Bonus
(Odds correct as of 2021/09/22 11:39:11 AM EST but are subject to change.)

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