Super Bowl 53 Betting Tips

Super Bowl LII is upon us.

It’s the 53rd Super Bowl and it features the New England Patriots versus the Los Angeles Rams.

It’s been quite the journey to get here.

The New England Patriots looked a bit rough to start the season. We had our usual “Brady is too old” headlines. There was rumours of falling outs in the locker room etc. Despite that, the Patriots still won the AFC East. Although many will admit that isn’t much of an accomplishment considering 2nd place was the AFC Dolphins.

They were able to gain home advantage however where they had an extremely dominating victory over the Chargers. The 41-28 score is flattering for the Chargers as this game was over by half time. It was an incredible performance by the Patriots.

Many thought that was it for the Patriots as they went up against Mahomes and the Chiefs. However experience proved to be the winner in that one as the Patriots defeated the Chiefs in overtime. Interestingly a lot of it was the lack of experience by Mahomes who made some seriously rookie mistakes that cost the Chiefs yardage quite a few times.

Now they go head to head with the Rams.

The Rams were a beast in the regular season going 13-3-0 in the NFC East. The wheels fell off the bus a bit at the end of the regular season. when they lost to the Bears and Eagles. Many felt the blueprint was there to beat the Rams. However even with Todd Gurley not fully fit, they were able to defeat the Dallas Cowboys 30-22 in a game where they never looked that troubled.

Next they were able to beat the Saints. Yes there was a controversial call but that doesn’t take away the fact that the Rams still matched them and deserve to be here.

It’s quite the game.

Rams opened as -1.5 favourites however the line quickly jumped to the Patriots being favourites. Patriots are -2.5 and have been as high as -3 at some sportsbooks.

Super Bowl 53 Betting Tips:

The Patriots are notoriously slow starters in the Super Bowl. Who knows why. It just is what it is.

This season in the regular season they actually have the third best record in the regular season…behind the Rams and the Chiefs. However they normally are in that spot and it doesn’t matter come Super Bowl time.

My main thought on this one is that the Rams win the first half. After that? It’s anyones guess.

So my first bet is a straight bet on the LA Rams to Win the First Half at +105 odds. Seems simple enough. It’s just tradition for the Patriots to lose that half.

Based on that, I am also going to be betting LA Rams to win the first half, Patriots to win the game at +550 odds. Seems a fair enough price based on the history of the Patriots.

Also a small bet on LA Rams to win the first half and game to go to OT at +4000. I mean the way the playoffs have went I think there is a good chance it goes to overtime.

Finally with Todd Gurley I am assuming fit I think he will be used a lot more. He was more of a bystander in the lead up to this and the Patriots might not be expecting him. I am betting the following player props:

Enjoy the game.

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