Vikings vs 49ers, Titans vs Ravens Betting Tips

Welcome to another weekend of NFL Playoffs! Picture credit to the San Francisco Examiner.

Today I’ll be covering both games taking place on Saturday, January 11th.

It all kicks off at 4:30pm EST with the San Francisco 49ers hosting the Minnesota Vikings. The 49ers are 7 point favourits in that one.

Following that, we have the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Tennessee Titans, who just knocked out the New England Patriots.

The Ravens are the biggest favourites of the weekend, as they are 10 point favourites against the Titans.

Let’s analyze and back both games shall we?

Vikings at 49ers Betting Tips:

The 49ers received a bye to get here. They won the NFC West and are 6-2 at home overall. The Vikings had to beat the Saints to get here, after finishing 2nd in the NFC North. They were just 4-4 on the road during the regular season.

The Vikings have the talent and Cousins is a solid, if unspectacular QB. However I don’t think there is any question – at least in my mind – that the Vikings didn’t win last weeks game. The Saints lost it. They looked absolutely terrible.

Dee Ford is questionable for this one and it would be huge if the 9ers can get their defense end in.

I think this game starts tight and if you are looking to bet the 49ers point spread, live betting will be the way to go. Most of the 49ers team have never been in the playoffs before and I think they’re going to have a lot of nerves. However they are rested and generally healthy and I think after they shake those nerves, they’ll be fine.

The 49ers offense reminds me a lot of the Pats offense in regards to Kittle and Gronk. Kittle is just that reliable guy that you need. When you need that 3rd & 6 pass, he’s the one to go to and he’ll add more yards on it too. He’s just unstoppable in my opinion.

I trust Jimmy G and co more than I trust Cousins here going up against either defense. I don’t think the Vikings can keep up with the San Francisco 49ers.

My suggestion would be to do some live betting. I think the Vikings will play good early and there will be value on the 49ers. So I’d still say maybe take the point spread, but look at the live betting and look for value on the 9ers win, or a smaller point spread. If you don’t have the luxury of that, I still think the 9ers will cover the spread. I’d do 1u on the point spread, 3u in live betting if the odds come up good.

You can live/in-play bet the game here

Titans at Ravens Betting Tips:

The Baltimore Ravens come into this one on a 12 game winning streak. They came out of their bye week super strong and never looked back. They were 7-1 both home and away. Titans were better on the road at 5-3. Honestly Titans are one of those teams that generally perform well in the underdog spot more often than not.

I can’t see it here however. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense is in my opinion completely unstoppable. So it’s a case of if the Titans offense can keep up with them. The Ravens blitz like crazy. I think the pressure from the Ravens defense will be too much for the Titans and will mess up their game plan.

Bet Ravens -10 2u play

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