Warriors vs Rocket, Bucks vs Celtics Series Betting Tips

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It was a great win for Graeme last night.

He had the Nuggets 4-3 future before the series even began, and then he took the risk of the Spurs +6 yesterday winning both bets. Just an example of how the playoffs have been a different level for us and amazingly with our combined bets we’ve got to the point where we are about break even for the season.

Crazy to think that after such a bad start but these last couple months have been great for us. Three winning months past the all star break and now the playoffs. Love it.

Today sees two more Game 1s as the Bucks host the Celtics and the Warriors host the Rockets.

Let’s get to it:

Bucks vs Celtics Series Betting Tips:

Vin: The Bucks opened as a -300 favorite in this series and that was somewhat surprising. This is their first time in the second round since 2001 and the Celtics seem to be meshing at the right time.

The loss of Marcus Smart really opened things up for them last round with their rotation really getting figured out. That said, it was against the Pacers and the Bucks are barely even the same species of basketball team. Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the most dangerous players on both ends of the court and it remains to be seen if Al Horford will be able to handle playoff Giannis.

These two met in the playoffs last season and the Bucks pushed the Celtics to seven games. Eric Bledsoe had a horrible series last year and really seems to have upped his game since then. This was the best season of his career and he showed up in the first round. His play, and especially his defense on Kyrie Irving, is key to this series.

Boston’s offense can really get jumbled up at times and often relies too heavily on Irving’s heroics. I don’t know if that will play in this series. I like the Bucks to get it done in five or six games. You have to think the Celtics can steal one at home so I’ll go with the Bucks in six.

https://www.Bovada.lvBet Bucks 4-2 +490

Graeme: This should be an interesting series. Bucks are the team to beat and I think of the teams remaining in the East, the Celtics may be the toughest one for them.

Celtics have a strong defence but the Bucks are an amazing offensive team and won 2-1 in the regular season.

I still believe Bucks take this series but it’s tough to see how many games the Celtics win. They’re a tough team that never give up. I think they take one. Last time I wanted to take Rockets 4-1 but I didn’t like the odds so I went 4-2. Won’t make that mistake again.

https://www.Bovada.lvBet Bucks 4-1 +250

Rockets vs Warriors Series Betting Tips:

Vin: This is it. This is the Western Conference Finals and in the minds of a lot of NBA experts, the Finals themselves. These are two of the best teams in the NBA and this series could decide the whole dang thing. And it’s in the second round, unbelievable.

The Warriors are the defending champions and they have the most star talent of any team we’ve seen. Stephen Curry can change a game with his shot, Klay Thompson can swing a game with his shot, and Kevin Durant is the best all-around player in this league and almost unstoppable when he’s on. This is the team that should win the NBA title if everything goes right. That’s the problem for them though, everything isn’t going right. They have internal drama and just seem tired from going to the Finals for the last four seasons. That’s an entire additional season with no nights off.

My issue with this team is that they try to flip the switch from on to off and that doesn’t always work in the playoffs. There is no just world where a team with their talent should lose two games, at home, to a team like the Clippers and that’s with all the respect in the world to the Clips.

To make matters worse, the Houston Rockets defense is designed to beat the Golden State Warriors. They almost did it last season as they took it to game seven, and that game featured an unnatural amount of missed threes for them to lose. James Harden is better this season, Chris Paul is healthier, and this team seems more driven.

In a perfect world, the Warriors win this one again. That is the perfect basketball ending to one of the greatest teams we’ve ever seen. This isn’t a perfect world though. Talent doesn’t always win out over everything, chemistry matters and I’m seeing some serious red flags with this Warriors team.

I won’t be surprised if they win this series, but I am going to bet against them doing it. They aren’t right and the Rockets were built for this.

https://www.Bovada.lvRockets +215

Graeme: This is one fascinating series.

During the regular season, the Warriors lost that elite mystique that they have held for the last couple of years. The playoffs were a reminder of that.

The thing is they can win when they have to but they just don’t seem to always do that.

Now against James Harden and the Rockets you have to wonder how often they are able to flex their muscle and if it will even be enough.

I think the Rockets are a scary team. I’m going to take them to win the series 4-2. But as the bet makes sense I’ll go with https://www.Bovada.lvRockets +215