Warriors vs Rockets Game 6 Betting Tips

The Cavs vs Celtics series has went as expected with LeBron putting up huge numbers last night as the Cavs beat the Celtics 109-99.

The point spread was quite tight on that one and we stayed away from it. It was 7 points and the bookies seemed to get that one right as it was very close to that score.

Unfortunately we went with Cavs -2.5 for the first quarter and they ended up getting off to a slow start. As it is they turned it around in the 2nd quarter and dominated that one but it was frustrating to see such a sluggish start from them.

Game 7 will take place in Boston with LeBron having to put on his best playoff performance yet if the Cavs are to stand a chance. The Celtics are unbeaten at home in the post season.

For now we turn our attention to the game today – Warriors vs Rockets Game 6. The Warriors are on the brink of elimination and it’s going to be a good one. Rockets have won here already in the playoffs so it’s not a certainty for the Warriors.

Warriors vs Rockets Game 6 Betting Tips:

Vin: The Warriors have been absolutely shut down on offense in the last couple of games and nothing highlights that more than Kevin Durant shooting just 8 for 22 in game five. The loss of Andre Iguodala was a huge one for this team, but they once again had a chance to tie/grab the lead late. Instead, Draymond Green couldn’t handle the pass and the Rockets won.

Which brings us to game six and what I think is the lock of the playoffs. The Warriors are at home, facing elimination and the Rockets will be without Chris Paul. A hyper competitive game six went out the window with this injury and I think that Stephen Curry will really cook in this one without being hounded by Paul. I am all about the Warriors today.

The Warriors defense has been there the last couple of games, but the offense has just faltered down the stretch. The home court and the pressure should get them there tonight. I could see the Rockets punting this one early and simply waiting for game seven when they hopefully get Paul back.

The Warriors -3.5 First Quarter is my favorite play, but I will also be going with the Warriors -12 for the game. This one won’t be pretty. James Harden went 0-11 on threes in game five and a performance like that would absolutely sink the Rockets. I wouldn’t count it out. This will be game one or game three all over again, only without Chris Paul.

I’ve been burned on player props in this series, but I’d take a hard look at Steph Curry’s points total in this one before the game.

Graeme: Basketball can throw up upsets but I’d be absolutely shocked if the Rockets won this one.

Warriors should win. They’ll be playing the performance of their lives and with Paul out that is absolutely huge.

I’ve backed teams before when a key player like Paul goes out. The reason is the rest of the guys bond together initially. But those are never against the Warriors. in the playoffs.

This one is going to be scary and without Paul the Rockets are going to lose all faith in humanity.

Warriors -12 is my play.

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