WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Predictions

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Today we’re going to be looking at WWE Money in the Bank 2019, and providing betting tips for it.

If you want more information about WWE betting or details on why you can bet on it etc, please see this article: Where To Bet The WWE.

It’s an interesting time in the WWE right now and this should be a hell of a PPV.

They’ve just signed that big network deal and everything was looking glorious – but now? Ratings are falling. Hard. AEW is launching. The pressure is on and that was obvious during RAW the other week with the whole “wild card” nonsense.

What that means for Sundays show is we could see a huge night with some crazy things going on.

I’m pretty pumped about it. One thing WWE really needs is that unpredictability and I think we’ve got that going on for this show for usre.

Let’s get into my betting predictions:

WWE Money in the Bank Bets:

Becky Lynch to beat Charlotte (-125). This is one where I played fantasy booker, came up with a scenario and am going to back it. I think Becky beats both Lacey and Charlotte then someone cashes in the briefcase and beats her. Becky is a huge favourite over Lacey so this is the only bettable one. Becky beating Lacey then losing to Charlotte? That’s dull.

The Field vs Drew in the Mens Money in the bank (-125). This is one where I can make a case for quite a few people to win the MITB aside from Drew McIntyre. Andrade isn’t bad either is Corbin and others. Worth the bet against Drew McIntyre winning. WWE do seem to mix it up in regard to the favourite winning and not winning.

Bayley to win Womens MITB (+195). She’s 2nd favourite and I think with Bayley winning it adds intrigue due to her being everyones friend. A heel turn would be exceptional. Well maybe not exceptional but it’d be fun to see for sure I think and add something to the stale character.

Kevin Owens to win the title (+150). Kofi was never a long term plan. He got hot, they did the right thing. He’s still pretty hot but I think WWE realize Kofi can always be hot with or without the title. It’s something Owens needs and I think we see at least one title change on this card to mix things up going forward. This seems the most possible.

Shane McMahon to win (+330). Only a small bet here but neither guy needs the win so it’s a decent price. Yeah Shane won last time out but you get the feeling they’re doing him vs Roman or at least hinting at it and if that’s the case, a win will help him here.

The Usos to win (+175). I mean this whole match is set up due to the wild card rules right? What better way to make the wild card stuff get over than have them win here? Worth a small bet.