A Quick History Of The Vince Lombardi Trophy

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A Quick History Of The Vince Lombardi Trophy

The NFL has always been a huge part of the sporting scene, and the Super Bowl is the annual event that all football players strive towards. For them, the Vince Lombardi trophy has enormous meaning, and teams work and train hard to have a chance of winning it. 

Because standards are getting higher all the time for athletes and professional football players, it’s no surprise that the NFL betting odds can fluctuate. Depending on a team’s latest developments and player profiles, it is worth keeping a close eye on the odds to see which teams have a higher chance of securing the Lombardi trophy this season. 

There are a large number of questions raised in terms of the Lombardi trophy. Who is Vince Lombardi? Do all members of the winning team get a trophy? Where was it originally handed over? This guide aims to answer these by covering the history of the Vince Lombardi trophy. 

Tiffany & Co

Firstly, vice president of Tiffany & Co Oscar Riedner was the only company representative who contacted NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle when they originally wanted a trophy to present at the end of the AFL-NFL championship game. The trophy’s original design has remained largely unchanged since it’s first creation, and it features a football on top of a rectangular shaped base. 

While the concept is simple, it is highly impactful. The trophy design was first made using an empty cereal box, and was then sketched onto a napkin. It has somewhat humble beginnings, but it is the same design that is seen to this day in the Lombardi trophy. 

The trophy itself is made out of sterling silver, and was first produced in the Tiffany & Co base in New Jersey. However, production was later moved to Rhode Island where the famous trophy is still being made today. 

Vince Lombardi

The iconic name originated following the death of Green Bay Packers’ coach in 1970. Vince Lombardi led the Packers to win the first Super Bowl in 1967, securing them the original version of the trophy. 

The first version of the trophy made by Tiffany & Co was named the “World Championship Trophy” originally. Following Lombardi’s passing, his name was immortalized on the Super Bowl trophy, as he has been a key part of the celebration for many years. 

Over the course of seven years, Lombardi led the Packers to five NFL championships, which remains an immense achievement today. Having never had a losing season as head coach, he is known as one of the greatest figures within the NFL origins. It is no wonder that his name and legacy lives on through the Lombardi trophy. 


While the celebration of a team’s success was originally reserved for the privacy of the locker room during the Super Bowl’s early days, some of these ceremonies have become more public. Nowadays, the Lombardi trophy is awarded to the winning team on the field. 

Being able to share a team’s victory with audiences and supporting fans brings them closer to the action, and allows them to feel like they are part of the process. The trophy is usually given to the team’s owner at the end of the Super Bowl. 

Ever since its debut, the Lombardi trophy has been a huge symbol of success and is widely recognized as an enormous achievement by team members, managers, owners, and fans alike. 


Unlike other trophies such as the Stanley Cup, there are multiple versions of the Lombardi trophy that are regularly presented. This is partly because when it comes to the Super Bowl, no expense is spared. Every new season, a new $50,000 trophy is engraved with the Roman numerals to show which Super Bowl it will be presented in. 

The large trophy is usually given to the team’s owners, and it is theirs to keep at the team base or training ground in a central location once it has been engraved with the winning team’s name, final scores, and date. However, because no expense is spared with the Super Bowl, smaller replicas of the trophy are given to each team member. 

These replicas are also produced by Tiffany & Co, and cost around $1,500 each to make. This is so that everyone has a small memento of their defeat, and so that they can take home proof of their career success. 

Of course, every member of the winning team also gets one of the iconic Super Bowl rings. These are elaborate designs featuring gemstones, diamonds, rubies, and more, that also commemorate the occasion and their success. 


The origins of the Lombardi trophy are deeply rooted in the history of the NFL and Super Bowl development. Vince Lombardi was a highly influential figure within the early days of professional football, and it’s no wonder why his name has been immortalized within the annual presentation of the Lombardi trophy. 

Widely seen as a symbol of career success, team strength, and efficient training, the Lombardi trophy does not spare any expenses. It is designed by Tiffany & Co, and has not changed a great deal since it was first presented to the winning team’s owner.