Super Bowl Gatorade Shower History

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It’s a tradition that started in the 1980s – coach your team to victory at the Super Bowl? Well we better cover you in a big container full of Gatorade!

The first time it actually occurred wasn’t even in a Super Bowl. Folklore has Mike Ditka being the originator, however in reality the very first time it was done was October 28th, 1984 in the Giants vs Redskins game. That was the first time, and it was the Giants that did it to Bill Parcells.

It’s gained fame since then, but more these days due to the fact that you can actually BET on it. The odds for Super Bowl XLIX aren’t up yet but as soon as they are, we’ll update this page with all of the gatorade betting options.

In the meantime, for those who like to do their research – here is the history of the Gatorade Shower from past Super Bowls:

Super Bowl Winner Gatorade Colour
XXI New York Giants Orange
XXII Washington Redskins N/A
XXIII San Francisco 49ers N/A
XXIV San Francisco 49ers N/A
XXV New York Giants N/A
XXVI Washington Redskins N/A
XXVII Dallas Cowboys Clear
XXVIII Dallas Cowboys Clear
XXIX San Francisco 49ers Clear
XXX Dallas Cowboys Clear
XXXI Green Bay Packers N/A
XXXII Denver Broncos N/A
XXXIII Denver Broncos N/A
XXXIV St. Louis Rams N/A
XXXV Baltimore Ravens Yellow
XXXVI New England Patriots N/A
XXXVII Tampa Bay Buccaneers Purple
XXXVIII New England Patriots N/A
XXXIX New England Patriots Clear
XL Pittsburgh Steelers Clear (+200)
XLI Indianapolis Colts Clear (+150)
XLII New York Giants Clear (+300)
XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers Yellow (+250)
XLIV New Orleans Saints Orange (+550)
XLV Green Bay Packers Yellow (+150)
XLVI New York Giants Purple
XLVII Baltimore Ravens N/A
XLVIII Seattle Seahawks Orange (+300)

Additional Notes:

Parenthesis: Where applicable, we have put in parenthesis the betting odds of the colour that won.

N/A: Usually means no gatorade was dumped over the coach – but it may also mean that we were unable to verify the colour as it wasn’t shown on TV.

Super Bowl XLVI: The Gatorade was purple, which was not one of the options betting sites listed, so everyone got their bets refunded. Interestingly, the next year purple was still not one of the options, despite being one of the Ravens primary colours.