(WC2014) Japan vs Greece Betting Tips

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Group Cs second game of the day and fourth group game takes place on June 19th, 2014 as Japan take on Greece. Colombia will have already played the Ivory Coast earlier in the day.

That game will have some bearings on this game. For example, if Colombia beat Ivory Coast 4-0 then it means Greece can win by 1 goal and play for the draw against Ivory Coast. And of course that can work the other way too. However I don’t see it having much bearing on this match – a win is most important here.

It’s tough to judge Greece after their 3-0 loss to Colombia. They love to stifle teams but it was a bit of a mess up for the early goal, and then they were on the back foot from there and they’re never good in that position. They did have some decent shots and chances.

Japan were in a similar spot. They got the early goal against Ivory Coast and then shut up shop. They couldn’t react well when it was 1-1, and then the same when it was 2-1.

It’s a game where both teams need the win – yet we could see strict defensive performances that end up canceling each other out.

Greece vs Japan Betting Odds:

Greece To Win: 12/5
Draw: 5/2
Japan To Win: 5/2
Over 2.5 Goals: 11/10
Under 2.5 Goals: 7/10

Greece vs Japan Betting Tips:

This really is a head scratcher of a game.

Do both teams push up hoping for the early goal with the plan to defend like crazy afterwards? The previous games were interesting. Greece never really had the chance to sit back and defend – Japan did, and Ivory Coast pounded away at them with some decent attacks and finally got the breakthrough. They then got the 2nd goal while Japan were busy trying to recover from that goal.

This is one where we’re going to be providing a tip – but we’d recommend approaching with caution. First of all we would say stay away from the goal market – yes, this is a must-win for either team because if they lose, they’re out of the World Cup. However that never guarantees a team attacks like crazy unfortunately – we’ve seen it many times before.

Instead, we would go with Greece to win. We think there is a lot of quality in the Greeks, and their defense can contain the Japanese. But there IS the possibility of players like Honda unlocking the Greek defense, so proceed with caution. The price is where we would lean towards the Greeks. 12/5 in a tight matchup like this is always appealing.

It’s very tight.

Greece vs Japan Betting Props:

Either both teams start tight, or both teams go for an early goal then sit back and defend.

Either way, the only real appealing bet would be Under 1.5 goals and at 4/11 odds it’s untouchable.

This is one where I’d recommend sitting back and watching the game, and seeing how it plays out.