World Cup 2014 $10k or Bust Betting Challenge: Day 12

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As I anxiously await the return of the Top Team Goalscorer bets I put on to get me back into the $10k or bust challenge, we’re currently working on a $100->$1000 challenge.

Yesterday it got off great, with $100 on Belgium beating Russia. It was a tight one but they squeaked the victory out to get us to $225.

Unfortunately I bet $125 on South Korea and Algeria were up for that game in a massive way – they beat Korea, and I was relieved that I only bet the profit, as opposed to my full stake.

Then I bet the $100 on Over 2.5 in the Portugal-USA game and won that, so now my balance is sitting at $180.

Today there are four games, the final games in both Group A and Group B.

After the way things have gone, I’m going to hold off on any bets on the Brazilians. I do think, and our computer system agrees, that they should win by the handicap. Ah screw it – I should be betting every game anyway. Brazil -1 $80 will return $106.66.

In the other game in Group A – straight up bet of $100 on Croatia to win. 9/5 odds on that for a $280 return.

Group B games are brutal with them essentially not mattering – and neither team being guaranteed winning the group to avoid Brazil. Although they should.

Holland vs Chile I will be betting both teams to score/Over 2.5 goals combo, and without Cahill, I like Spain to restore some national pride. Spain -1 at 17/20 although -2 is tempting at 9/4.