World Cup 2014 $10k or Bust Betting Challenge: Day 11

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Whew – the upsets keep rolling in, and the bookies are loving it.

After getting pounded in the early days with the Over 2.5 market, things are swaying the bookies way. Spain, Italy, Germany and Bosnia all failing – and you KNOW no-one was betting Argentina at 1.10 odds. They probably had like I did – Argentina/Argentina or Argentina -2 or similar. I saw the biggest bets was stuff like Argentina -3 or -4 etc and even then the odds were weak.

My betting challenge fell at the first hurdle yesterday, but I’m right back at it today. We have three games, and while I await the money coming in from the Top Team Goalscorer challenge I’m trying to turn $100 into $1,000.

Let’s go with:

Belgium vs Russia: I’m going to be betting on Belgium here. I think they’ll be a much better team than the first game – and Russia just did not look good. $100 will return $225 so that would be a big boost to the bankroll. Belgium straight up at 5/4 odds.

South Korea vs Algeria: If that wins, I’ll lump the $125 profit on South Korea to beat Algeria. I like South Korea and they looked great while the Algerians looked useless, but I don’t like them enough to go all-in. At 7/5 odds, $125 would be a return of $300 which would get the bankroll up to $400.

USA vs Portugal: I do like Portugal – but the fact that Germany handled them so well, and then Ghana drew with Germany makes me stop and think. I’m going to go all-in either way on Over 2.5 goals.