World Cup 2014 $10k or Bust Betting Challenge: Day 13

With Group A & Group B done with, I got a payout on my Top Goalscorer bet for Croatia. Unfortunately that goal they scored screwed me as I only get 50% of what I would have made – but oh well, $180 sitting in the account. I’m so freaking rich!

I got mixed up with the games yesterday, so I had to bet on the Group B games first. I went with $100 on Spain -1 which got me to $180.50. I lost $80 as well on BTTS in the Chile game but oh well. So $180.50 there.

Then I bet $80.50 on Croatia to win – and no luck there. But $100 on Brazil -1 brings the balance to $235.15 at the moment.

Not bad, not bad at all. Almost 25% of the way to $1,000.

Today I’m going to go with splitting it up into portions of 4. That’s $58.78 on each game.

I’m betting England -1, returns $161.64. Uruguay to win, returns $170.46.

Greece to win, $58.78 returns $235.12 and Colombia to win $114.62 return there.

I’ll save any returns from Top Team Goalscorer till the group stages are over with.

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