World Cup 2014 $10k or Bust Betting Challenge: Day 7

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Oof – what a crappy day we had today. Although I guess the bookies were due for a good day.

My friends who work with bookies, both online and offline, told me they were getting hammered the first few days of the World Cup. A lot of it was the Over 2.5 goal market where they put lines heavily on the unders. That obviously caught them out quite a bit.

Yesterday, we lost all 3 bets and I’m really kicking myself in particular with Belgium vs Algeria. I had Belgium/Belgium and they obviously lost the first half. I was going to bet them to win the game after being down 1-0 at half time at odds of 11/4. I ended up getting distracted by something and when I came back forgot about it. Promptly cheered the Belgium goals before realizing that oops – I didn’t bet.

Brazil -1 obviously didn’t pan out either, as the Mexican keeper made some great saves. And Russia were just a mess – can’t believe that Korea goal and then that miss at the end. It’s the World bloody Cup – how do you hit the ball with your shin?

Oh well – that’s football.

And thankfully – I am betting at Bet365 where I get my stakes back on bore draws. So I got a return from Iran vs Nigeria there.

Tomorrow, June 18th is a fascinating day. Balance is currently $2003.90. Can’t wait for some of those top team goalscorers to play out. Let’s see what I am betting:

Australia vs Holland: I like goals in this one. I love them, actually. I’m going with a whopping big bet of $300 on Over 2.5 goals. Only returns $460 at 8/15 odds but oh well.

Spain vs Chile: I like the Spanish to bounce back, and at 4/7 odds I’m going with a $150 bet on them.

Cameroon vs Croatia: Eto’o is out for Cameroon, and I liked Croatia before that anyway. $150 bet at 4/7 odds.

Also went for a 3 team parlay at 2.78 odds on all 3. $50 on that.