World Cup 2014 $10k or Bust Betting Challenge: Day 6

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Whew – a successful betting day!

We got unlucky to start the day, when I upped the odds on Germany vs Portugal. I took Both Teams to Score AND Over 2.5 goals in that one. Looking back that was pretty much a banker if not for Pepe and his moronic red card. One of those circumstances where you simply shake your head and move on. That’s why it’s called gambling.

We then had a win with Iran vs Nigeria, at Under 2.5 goals. I only had $50 on that one, but it came in with ease. I also had a cheeky $10 bet on 0-0 at half-time, 1-0 to Nigeria at full-time. 9/1 odds there and I’d say that was a very good bet even though it didn’t come in. So a nice little profit on that one.

The big one was my first $200 bet of the tournament(top team goalscorer bets not withstanding), on Over 2.5 goals in Ghana vs USA. Our official tips actually predicted this match would be 1-1, with a late goal for someone to win 2-1. It was a bit later than necessary – but it happened, and that’s all that matters. A great win on that at 21/20 odds.

So a nice profit of about $230, and we are now profiting from the beginning of the tournament. Of course we still have all those top team goalscorer bets withstanding. Too early to say how they will turn out – our best bet at the moment there looks to be Honda as Japan top scorer at 5/1 odds.

Let’s check out the bets for June 16th, 2014:

Belgium vs Algeria: In our official tips, we had no bet for this one. It’s a very tricky game based on all of our simulations. Under 2.5 goals is appealing but the Algerians have been able to rip defenses apart, and with the way Belgium are set up Algeria could cause them problems. Belgium are getting a lot of hype and to be honest I like a lot of their players, so I’m going with $100 on Belgium-Belgium. I don’t like the bet and am tempted to go with just a $50 bet, but the risk/reward is too high.

Brazil vs Mexico: We have Peralta as top Mexican goalscorer so hopefully he hads onto his tally of 1 goal here. However I just can’t see by Brazil here. Doing $200 on Brazil -1 at 20/21 odds. I just think they will be a much, much, much better team than Game 1.

Russia vs Korea Republic: I like the Russians. There are some doubts about them, especially due to the loss of Shirkov, but I think Russia grind this one out and get the win. South Korea rely heavily on counter attacks and I don’t believe they’ll get to do that here. $100 on Russia to win at 10/11.