World Cup 2014 $10k or Bust Betting Challenge: Day 9

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I’m still sitting here mad that I didn’t bet more on Australia vs Holland Overs, and Cameroon vs Croatia with Croatia to win, for those wondering. Seriously – there will be little chances during the World Cup to go for what I believe are sure things – and both of those were.

Looking back, they were perfect opportunities to go all-in. I had $2003.90 going into the games. I could have went all in on Aussies vs Holland and turned it into about $3k. Then went all in on that $3k and got the balance up to $5k or above it – the starting point, with all those top team goalscorer bets withstanding.

I need to be careful now – this is where you can make a mistake. Missed opportunities like that, and you will sit there looking for more opportunities, seeing ones that aren’t there.

Yesterday after the games, I bet $100 on England to qualify at 7/1. I think there is a good possibility that they do, and I wanted to place the bet quickly before Suarez is announced as injured or something.

Three interesting games today, with Italy taking on Costa Rica, Switzerland vs France and then Honduras vs Ecuador.

Italy vs Costa Rica: This is a tricky one. Costa Rica beat Uruguay, but that was a game where Uruguay were without Suarez and were completely lost in possession. They probably underrestimated Costa Rica. I can’t see Italy doing that. Italy will want to win this one to qualify, and they have the players to do it.

However I do believe this is an opportunity. The bookies are giving more respect to Costa Rica due to that, and I don’t think they deserved that. Our balance is $2008.42. I’m going to bet $1000 on Italy -1. 6/4 odds on that. That will mean a profit of $1500. Go Italy.

Switzerland vs France: I really like the Swiss, and although our official tips had Under 8/11 I think at 7/2 odds I have to bet Switzerland. Not a big bet though – just $100. Profit of $350 there if it comes in. I do think it’s a risk but oh well – another team I believe are vastly underrated.

Honduras vs Ecuador: And let’s go for another risk – Honduras to win. I almost want to do Honduras-Honduras at 8/1 odds. I’m going with them to win at 19/4 and a $50 bet on that.

Hopefully Italy -1 pulls through, meaning they win by 2 or more, otherwise I’m sitting here with about $1000!

Update: bet the remaining $930 on Italy Over 1.5 Goals at 4/5 odds. Time to go big or bust.