World Cup 2014 Top Team Goalscorer Betting Tips

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Welcome to the betting tips for the World Cup for the Top Team Goalscorer.

This is one of our favourite betting tips pages to offer – we have killed it previously in Euro 2012 for the Top Team Goalscorer, and we think we can do the same here.

There is always a lot of value and it’s where some easy money can be made. Plus it adds interest to every game – I’d recommend betting this for every team if only for the entertainment part. It’s great yelling for Japan to pass it to Honda when you really don’t care about the match etc.

As always, this is a mix of our computer betting system for the World Cup running all the statistics, plus our very own betting analysis.

Let’s go through every team and pick out some value, shall we?

Some will be easier than others.

Top Team Goalscorer: Algeria

No-one scores on a consistent basis for Algeria. Hell, Algeria scored 0 in the 2010 World Cup. No bets here.

Bet: No Value Here.

Top Team Goalscorer: Argentina

With a tight price on Messi, Higuain stands out at as the top goalscorer. 7/2 odds on the 2010 top goalscorer, who was 2nd top in qualifying. System loves it.

Bet: Higuain top goalscorer at 7/2 odds .

Top Team Goalscorer: Australia

Tim Cahill is really the only person who can score for Australia. But with the chances of them getting 1 goal slim, betting him at 7/2 isn’t worth it.

Bet: No Value Here.

Top Team Goalscorer: Belgium

With Benteke out, a lot of people will be looking at Lukaku to be the top goalscorer for Belgium, especially considering his domestic form.

However Kevin De Bruyne was the top goalscorer in qualifying, and gets a lot of chances. With Benteke out, opposition defenses will be all over Lukaku and I like De Bruyne to get the goals. He scored 4 in the qualifiers.

Bet: De Bruyne 13/2 odds.

Top Team Goalscorer: Bosnia-Herzegovina

With Dzeko at 11/8 and Ibisevic at 4/1 it’s close – but I’m going to go with Dzeko. Our computer system likes him as an odds on favourite – so at those odds, you can’t beat it.

Bet Dzeko 11/8 odds .

Top Team Goalscorer: Brazil

Very, very tough one. Fred plays in the center, outscored Neymar in the Confederations cup and is 3/1. But it’s Neymar – I watched his last friendlies and he is just on fire.

This is one where I’d recommend staying away, unless you want a high value bet of Hulk on 10/1 which the system doesn’t hate.

Bet: Probably stay away, although a value bet of Hulk 10/1 may be worth a punt

Top Team Goalscorer: Cameroon

The system likes Cameroon to get some goals, and it sees Eto’o leading the pack. At 10/3 odds that is a play.

Bet: Eto’o as top goalscorer for Cameroon .

Top Team Goalscorer: Chile

Staying away from this one. Vidal I don’t think is 100% fitness wise, while Sanchez Alexis and Eduardo Vargas have all too tight odds.

Bet: No Value Here.

Top Team Goalscorer: Colombia

With Gutierrez at 10/3, Martinez at 7/2 and Rodriguez 9/2 there’s just no value there. Any 3 of them could be the top goalscorer.

Bet: No Value Here.

Top Team Goalscorer: Costa Rica

Losing out on Álvaro Saborío is massive for the Costa Ricans.

3/1 is too low for no goalscorer. I’m going to go with Bryan Ruiz. He’s scored a lot of goals in his career, and at 6/1 I think he’s worth getting one. The system agrees.

Bet: Bryan Ruiz top goalscorer at 6/1 odds.

Top Team Goalscorer: Croatia

While the odds of Da Silva Eduardo are appealing at 5/1 odds, I’m going to go with Mario Mandzukic. We’re getting a nice price of 5/2 and he has consistently been a great goalscorer for Croatia on the national level.

Mandzukic misses the first game due to suspension. But it’s against Brazil. So they probably won’t score anyway! I’ll also recommend a small bet on Luka Modric as at 20/1, he may just do it from the set pieces.

Bet: Mandzukic top scorer at 5/2, small value bet on Modric at 20/1 .

Top Team Goalscorer: Ecuador

No players stand out based on the odds.

Bet: No Bet.

Top Team Goalscorer: England

No prices currently out. Will update when they are.

Top Team Goalscorer: France

With questions over the condition of Frank Ribery, I’d stay away from this one. I think his injury is worse than they are letting on.

Top Team Goalscorer: Germany

I love the price on Mesut Ozil here at 9/1, and have to go with him. Ozil was the top goalscorer in the qualifiers, and even more importantly he scores in the big games, like against Ireland and Sweden, and away to Austria. He performs at the top level. Muller would be my second choice, but Ozil just has so much value at 9/1 I can’t resist.

Bet: Ozil top scorer at 9/1 .

Top Team Goalscorer: Ghana

I like Ghana to score some goals, as does the system. Asamoah Gyan is the guy for that – pardon the pun. He’s the only one capable really – and will be getting in the right positions.

Bet: Gyan as top Ghana Goalscorer at 10/3

Top Team Goalscorer: Greece

I’m going to have to go with Mitroglu here.

In the qualifiers he only scored twice, but in the playoffs he shone and was the hero against Romania.

At 9/2 odds, I think that’s a value price.

Bet: Mitroglu to be top scorer at 9/2.

Top Team Goalscorer: Holland

RVP. ‘Nuff said.

Bet: RVP top scorer at 5/4 odds.

Top Team Goalscorer: Honduras

Have to go with no goalscorer on this one. Honduras do have two good goalscorers in Bengtson and Costly, but there’s just very solid value in the no goalscorer pick.

Bet: No Goalscorer for Honduras at 5/1.

Top Team Goalscorer: Iran

No Iran Goalscorer stands out. System expects them to score at least one though so no bet.

Bet: None..

Top Team Goalscorer: Italy

I know most people will want to go with Mario Balloteli, but the 13/8 odds are not appealing to me considering Balloteli has never really brought it yet on the national stage in the big games. He does seem more consistent in Serie A, but I’m going to be going with his strike partner instead.

Immobile is 5/1 odds, the top goalscorer in Serie A and he doesn’t even take penalties. The Italians score 42% of their goals from headers, and Immobile is a big boy who will do just that.

Yes, please.

Bet: Immobile top scorer at 5/1

Top Team Goalscorer: Ivory Coast

System likes Yaya Toure at the price of 7/2. It also finds Kalou favourable at 6/1. Both are worth betting.

Bet: Toure top scorer, and a small value bet on Kalou.

Top Team Goalscorer: Japan

System likes Keisuke Honda.

Bet: Honda at 11/2 odds.

Top Team Goalscorer: Mexico

Mexico don’t have too many goalscoring threats – however they do have Oribe Peralta, arguably the best striker who doesn’t play in Europe.

Bet: Peralta at 11/4.

Top Team Goalscorer: Nigeria

System has no plays for this one.

Top Team Goalscorer: Portugal

Easiest bet in the world here – Helder Postiga.

Ronaldo is 2/5. Are you kidding me? Horrible odds. Postigas only issue is injuries, but he was the top goalscorer in qualifying, will be playing up front with them – and hey, Ronaldo has his injuries too.

At 11/1, Postiga is an absolute steal.

Bet: Postiga 11/1 odds all bloody day.

Top Team Goalscorer: Russia

This is a tight one – in Euro 2012, my boy Dzaegov was the big one. I lumped huge on him and he rewarded me greatly. Him, and the rest of Russia have struggled though.

I’ll probably go with a small bet on Kerzhakov. The system thinks its a fair price.

Bet: Small bet on Kerzhakov at 7/2.

Top Team Goalscorer: South Korea

System doesn’t think anyone stands out here. Noteworthy is it feels 10/1 odds on no goalscorer has some slight value.

Top Team Goalscorer: Spain

If Costa is fit, he has a good chance at being the top goalscorer. However he is unproven at the international level, and Pedro was their top goalscorer in qualifying. At 11/2 it’s worth a small bet.

Bet: Small bet on Pedro.

Top Team Goalscorer: Switzerland

This is a tough one. Switzerland spread the goals around. Their top scorer during qualifying was Fabian Schar with 3 goals, then they had 4 players on 2 goals. Schar of course isn’t expected to feature much, with a price of 20/1.

I like Shaqiri. A nice price of 8/1 and he is an incredible player who will be used a lot during the match. He’s going to see a lot of the ball, and can be great for overlapping players to get into some nice areas.

Switzerland are a team who may not get a lot of goals this World Cup, so it’s smarter to go with someone other than a striker in that case.

Bet: Shaqiri top goalscorer at 8/1.

Top Team Goalscorer: Uruguay

Suarez is 6/4. Let’s wait and see if he is fit.

Bet: Wait till the day before their first game and bet on Suarez

Top Team Goalscorer: USA

Clint Dempsey is a solid price at 11/4. Everyone else struggles to score for the Americans.

Bet: Dempsey top goalscorer