Sitting Down With the Bookies: Disaster Week…For Them!

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It’s that time of week again – we sit down with our friends over at the #1 online sportsbook for Canadians(and top 5 for everyone else) Sports Interaction and ask them how their week was.

Let’s see how the bookies fared recently:

How Was Week 10 in the NFL?

Bad. Very very bad. Not one NFL game went our way. We just got killed.

Good to hear! Was it a complete disaster Sunday – like one of the worst you’ve ever had?

There’s been a lot worse honestly. You had 8/13 favourites in the NFL coming up which is VERY big – because you have to remember there are so many parlays. But we still remember a bad one here at the offices from 10 years ago where 12 of 16 favourites covered. That’s the most memorable “worst week” for us.

What games got the most action?

Every. Freaking. One.

The big one was Broncos -11. Honestly – we could probably have put that line at Broncos -22, and the bettors would have still taken it and the Raiders would have still covered.

Packers hurt us, as did the Seahawks. It could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for Steelers vs Jets. We were thanking the New York Jets there.

How’s the NBA been?

Great. Had a lot of action on Cavs vs Mavericks. We lost a lot with the Blazers vs Mavericks as well.

Any big winners?

Does a 683/1 parlay count?

Um yes.

10 team NFL Parlay. Everything was on the spread. They placed this literally 40 minutes prior to the games started. Every single one came up. Took the points on the Jets, then went double digits on Broncos, Seahawks and Ravens. We were impressed at that one.

Thanks as always Sports Interaction.