Sitting Down With The Bookies: NFL 14/15 Week 4

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It’s that time of week again – the time of week where we become the bookies friends, ply them with drink and food, and then hear how their week went when it came to sports betting.

This season for the NFL, we are sitting down exclusively with Sports Interaction. They are Canadas #1 sportsbook and also are pretty damn great for the rest of the world too. Be sure to check them out.

Okay let’s see how Week 4 of the NFL, the quarter way point in the regular season, went this week:

How’s It Going 1/4 Of The Way?

With 4 weeks gone, the sportsbooks are the ones that have the advantage at the moment, mainly thanks to 2 huge weeks to kick start the NFL 2014/2015 season.

This is where things start to change though – we start to see where the hype and nothing more was, and the punters start to get a lot smarter based on the actual numbers, and not just the hype or rumours or speculation.

A great example of this is the Dallas Cowboys. They were meant to have a bad defense based on history. Now sure they’re not exactly the ’85 Chicago Bears, but they’re a lot more solid than people speculated in the pre-season. And then look at the Ravens and just how deep a team they are. And talk can only take you so far – the numbers are spelling the end for Tom Brady, and the punters are surely going to take advantage of that.

A line like Bengals -1 this weekend just seems like a gift.

Chiefs vs Patriots – Good for the Bookies?

Hell yes! The game itself was not really a huge one and the bookies were balanced. But where it did affect things were the parlays. Monday Night Football is always big for parlays and this one was no different. Tom Brady let down a lot more than Patriots fans – he let down many, many sports bettors.

Any Other Key Games Last Week?

There are still a few teams the punters just don’t have the faith to back – one of them is the Minnesota Vikings. There was a ton of money on the Atlanta Falcons there and it was very lopsided in terms of the betting money. But it’s evening out – the Packers for example beating the Bears was something the bettors had a lot of cash in.

The London Game:

Interestingly – the game with the least action all weekend was Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders, which took place in London, England. Whether that was just because neither team garners much action, or because it’s just too darn tricky to bet on these games – either way, while England were full of excitement for it, the betting community weren’t.

How’s the Non-NFL Action Been?

Tons of action in the CFL on the Saskatchewan Roughriders vs the Edmonton Eskimos. That game got the biggest action all season for the CFL, and coincidentally it had the biggest CFL attendance too.

UFC 178 went well for the bookies, with people unable to resist Dustin Poirer at his underdog price. We’re also seeing a fair bit of action on pre-season hockey. Hockey fans are anxious to get hockey back obviously.

How’s Week 5 Looking?

The betting public are all over the Bengals -1.5. This will be one game where it won’t be balanced for sure – coming off a bye week, the Bengals are the team to bet.

The Cowboys and the Lions are both getting a lot of action too.

Thanks, as always, to Sports Interaction for this.