Euro 2012 Spain vs Italy Final Match Betting Tips & Picks

Ah, the magic of the cup. One short month ago, people were scoffing at the thought of Italy going any further than the group stage. “Worst Italian Team in years”, many said. “The match-fixing scandal will mess up their mental game”, others said. Yet here we are, just before the final of Euro 2012 – … Read more

Semi-Final: Germany vs Italy Match Betting Tips & Picks

On June 28th, Germany take on Italy in the second semi-final of Euro 2012.

The roads to the semi-final couldn’t be more different. Germany have dominated every team, while Italy have generally struggled on the finishing front. While Germanys goal difference in each game may not suggest utter dominance – their performance has. Germany have beaten every team with relative ease – that being Portugal, Denmark, Holland and Greece, to get to the semi-final without ever looking in trouble.

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Portugal vs Spain Match Betting Tips & Picks

On June 27th, we see the first Euro 2012 Semi-Final with Portugal vs Spain. Spain were the initial Euro 2012 favourites, however some strong performances from Germany have seen them equal Spain as favourites at 13/8 odds. However the bookies are in doubts that Spain are the favourites in this match versus Portugal. Lets look … Read more

Germany vs Greece Match Betting Tips & Picks

In Euro 2002, Greece shocked the world. They managed to qualify from their group at the expense of Spain and Russia, then took the scalps of France, Czech Republic and Portugal as they won the tournament. The bookies don’t expect the same to happen this time around. They are extremely confident that Greece will be … Read more

France vs Spain Betting Tips & Picks

June 23rd sees a really interesting game take place, with Spain taking on France. Both teams have had glimpses of solid performances, however both teams have also looked rather shaky. France in particular were given a surprise pounding off Sweden. Spain are yet to show the type of quality that has them enter Euro 2012 … Read more

England vs Italy Match Betting Tips

England vs Italy takes place on June 24th, and is a game between two teams that no-one believes will win Euro 2012. That’s a good thing, because theoretically the pressure is off. We’ve already seen in the England games that they at least look more solid than any previous competition. For once, the pressure is … Read more