Where To Bet Euro 2012 – Americans / USA Sportsbooks

Unfortunately due to regulations, Americans are quite limited when it comes to betting at online sportsbooks, especially when it comes to where to bet at Euro 2012. However there are still a few solid sportsbooks you can use to bet at Euro 2012, and I have listed all of those below, with a list of the features.

Below is a list of where Americans can bet Euro 2012 – these are the best online sportsbooks for Euro 2012 betting for Americans:

Where Americans Should Bet Euro 2012:

#1: Bovada

  • Formerly Bodog, Bovada is the #1 choice for Americans.
  • Bovada offers some fantastic betting odds for Euro 2012.
  • Bovada is famous for their prop bets.
  • $100 Free Bonus Bet.
  • Mobile Website so you can bet from your smartphone. Most compatible with iPhone and Android but should work with most phones.

#2: 5Dimes

  • The 5Dimes Interface isn’t the best, but what they lack in cosmetic design they make up for in odds. Their odds are usually some of the best you’ll find.
  • BetTracker App to allow you to track all your apps, calculate predictions etc.
  • Absolutely fantastic customer support. Knowledgeable non-outsourced support staff.
  • Excellent Reduced Juice Rewards program.
  • Mobile Website.

#3: BetOnline

  • New but trustworthy sportsbook. Because they are new, they are offering some ridiculous promotions that we can take advantage of.
  • $900 Free Play Bonus for all new Sports Betting Customers.
  • Deposit with your Credit Card!
  • Nice interface set up so you can see all bets at once.
  • Unique bets like Goalscorer Matchups.

#4: Bet Revolution

  • Well-known for their amazing player rewards program.
  • Unique free to enter competitions and fantasy leaderboards.
  • 50% Cash Bonus for all New Players.
  • Lots of deposit methods like Visa, Western Union, Bank Wires.
  • Low roll-overs for the cash bonus with different tiers.

There may be other online sportsbooks that offer Euro 2012 betting, but in my opinion these are the best. They offer the best odds, have the best interfaces, run the best Euro 2012 promotions and most importantly – are TRUSTWORTHY. You can trust that any of the above online sportsbooks will pay out your winnings, no problem at all.

You’re also going to see a MASSIVE difference in odds at a lot of these online sportsbooks. I highly recommend signing up for ALL of the above – if you sign up at all of these sportsbooks you’ll have no problem knowing where to bet Euro 2012. On all the pages on our site we offer the odds updated every 15 minutes.

You simply bookmark that page, check it regularly and when you want to bet on something just go visit it and see where the best odds are. Then you’ll know exactly where to bet.

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