Where To Bet Euro 2012

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Euro 2012 is shaping up to be a fantastic tournament – and it’s going to be even better with all the online betting that we’re going to be able to do!

Every time there is a big tournament, the online sportsbooks go nuts with amazing promotions as they know there is a huge betting market, so they practically GIVE money away in bonuses, free bets and special promotions to entice us to bet at their online sportsbooks.

In this article, I’m going to run down the best sportsbooks to bet for Euro 2012. If you’re looking for where to bet Euro 2012, any of these sportsbooks are the ones I would recommend.

I would also recommend signing up at all these sportsbooks if you’re looking to bet Euro 2012. The reason for that is simple – they all offer special bonuses, and will offer special bets for individual matches. If you are planning on betting a lot during the tournament, then it is best to take advantage of all the offers that the sportsbooks offer.

Now, where to bet Euro 2012. Each sportsbook is listed by my personal preference – I have had an account at all of these sportsbooks for years. And I have bullet point lists which list the finer points of these sportsbooks:

Where To Bet Euro 2012:

#2: Paddy Power:

  • Famous for their marketing techniques and promos, like paying out on Stoke being relegated after they lost their first EPL game.
  • Lots of great utilities like calculators, betting guides and a toolbar.
  • Ability to dial a bet.
  • Paddy Power mobile App and also Mobile Website – all works on iPhone, IPad, Blackberry, Android, Nokia.
  • £50 Free Bet.
  • The KING of Money-Back Specials.

#3: Triobet:

  • Very simple and fast interface.
  • Mobile App and Mobile Website with PIN Login.
  • 100% to 100EUR Bonus that clears easy.
  • Multilingual.
  • Great odds on doubles and trebles.

#4: Tower Gaming

  • Football/Soccer is their #1 Priority.
  • Very easy to bet, lots of deposit methods.
  • Interface not confusing like other books. Nice filters.
  • Fantastic betting rewards program – unique, tailored for the individual person.

#5: Bodog

  • Wanting to get a bigger UK audience, will be going balls to the wall for Euro 2012 in terms of player promotions.
  • 10% Instant Deposit Bonus.
  • Known for having the most props of any online sportsbook.
  • Payouts are fast, and even better: FREE.
  • Incredibly simple and no-hassle betting interface.

There are a lot of options for where to bet Euro 2012, but ultimately those 5 sportsbooks are the best.

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