Euro 2016 – France vs Switzerland Betting Tips

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The final games of Group A take place on Sunday, June 19th with Albania vs Romania and Switzerland vs France.

France currently lead the group – although boy, have they got lucky to do that. They beat Romania with some last minute magic by Payet, and then struggled to put away Albania until the last few minutes of the game. It did make for an exciting finish but it’s still a concern for the French team. Although there haven’t been too many dominant performances yet by the teams so it’s still anyones game.

Switzerland are in 2nd place on 4 points after a 1-0 victory over the Albanians and a tight 1-1 draw with Romania. Switzerland are guaranteed at least 3rd place in the group – although that doesn’t mean they’ll qualify. Romania will face a feisty Albanian team so it makes things quite interesting. Switzerland won’t want to push up too much here knowing that regardless of the Romania result, a draw will see them through.

France vs Switzerland Match Betting Odds:

France: 19/20, 1.95, -105
Switzerland: 17/4, 5.25, +425
Draw: 21/10, 3.10, +210

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France vs Switzerland Match Betting Tips:

I’ve just got to take this one to be a draw.

France haven’t shown much strength so far – and to be honest neither have Switzerland. However we saw some solid performances from Switzerland in qualifying when it came to defense, and they haven’t been too shabby in the Euros.

More importantly though – I just don’t see France pushing themselves up like you’d expect. They’ve already qualified and a draw will guarantee them the top spot in the group. I expect them to take it slow and dominate possession – the only thing that will see them score is a bit of magic.

However we saw how ineffective they were in the Albania game with that strategy. Hell – Albania exposed the French defense a LOT during that game and that was a bit scary for France. It’s also a very good sign for Switzerland. They’ll know that if France score they can push up the field and be confident that the France defense isn’t exactly stellar.

Either way – a draw is the ideal result for both of these teams. Neither team seems incredibly strong. Romania aren’t exactly clear cut winners over Albania but even if they do put up the goals, that just makes it that much more important that Switzerland get the draw.

I’m feeling pretty good about the draw on this one.

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France vs Switzerland Prop Bets:

One thing we’ve seen from Euro 2016 so far is a lot of quiet first halves. Based on that if we’re going to go with the draw, I think Draw-Draw as a half time/full time result is the best way to go. Although if you are leaning towards France or Switzerland to win you may want to do Draw-France or Draw-Switzerland.

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