Formula 1 Sportsbooks

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Welcome to the Formula 1 Sportsbooks section.

Unlike our ACTUAL Sportsbooks section where we provide thorough reviews of online sportsbooks, in this section what I do is provide sportsbook reviews from an F1 Fans Betting Perspective.

What may be the best overall sportsbook isn’t the best sportsbook for F1 Fans. A $100 bonus with low rollover is no use for you if they don’t offer any F1 Prop Bets for example.

As time goes on I’ll cover various online sportsbooks here. Right now I have two which is catering to F1 Bettors.

The two F1 Sportsbooks we list below are Bet365 which is for non-Americans and then the US Friendly Bovada.

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Bovada F1 Betting Review:

If you’re an American looking to bet on the F1, then Bovada is most likely your #1 choice.

Not just because of the betting odds they offer for F1, or the betting lines and props they offer – but also because Bovada is an all round solid and awesome US Sportsbook.

They are the must trustworthy online sportsbook for Americans, and generally the #1 choice. They also offer a solid list of betting options for Formula 1.

You can keep reading this Bovada F1 Betting review, or head straight on over to Bovada and see for yourself why they’re so highly recommended.,

Bovada F1 Betting Options:

First of all, you can bet futures at Bovada. These include betting who will be the Drivers Championship Outright Winner, as well as betting who will win the Constructors Championship. Mercedes. Always bet Mercedes.

Next for each individual race, you can bet who will actually win the race – single bets only, not each/way bets if you’re familiar with that term.

You can then bet on whether or not a racer will finish in the podium, and then you can bet on whether or not they will have a top 10 finish.

They’re always adding betting options closer to race day too. So go check out Bovada and see what is on offer there currently.

Why Americans Should Bet At Bovada:

So so many reasons. First the general reasons – Bovada is the most trustworthy online sportsbook, backed by the great Calvin Ayre. It’s been around for years and years and is one of only a few US Sportsbooks where I would have no problem storing my money at.

They also offer a 50% free bet bonus – so deposit $100, get a $50 free bet. Can’t beat that! The bonus goes all the way up to $250 so you can deposit $500 for the full bonus amount.

They are always running various promotions as well dedicated to specific sports and sporting events. Sadly there isn’t any F1 related ones Bovada have ran that I know of – but they’ve offered NHL Divisional Dynasties and March Madness specials in the past.

Bovada also offers both live betting and mobile betting. The latter means you can bet on F1 via your cellphone. So if you’re sitting in the bar you can sit there and place bets via your smartphone. The former means you can bet during events. So if you’re at the bar and the NFL game is on, you can bet DURING the game.

When it comes to Formula 1 Racing, they offer a variety of great betting options and props. They offer probably the biggest selection for Americans.

Why Americans Shouldn’t Bet At Bovada:

Honestly – the only reason Americans shouldn’t bet at Bovada is if you have a proxy – aka a friend – who lives outside of the USA, who can place bets for you at UK facing sportsbooks. Then you can access a lot more props and so on.

That’s seriously the sole reason. When it comes to F1 Betting for Americans, Bovada is the way to go.

The Bottom Line:

I pretty much summed it up above – if you’re American, Bovada is practically your only option for betting on F1.


More F1 Sportsbook Reviews coming soon.