3M Open & Cazoo Open Bets; Important Site Note

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Hi all,

First, the big changes, and I’ll keep it short. I’ve not really focused on golf bets too much over the last few weeks as you know – or I’ve just done extremely short write-ups. This was a combination of being super busy with Euro 2020, NHL & NBA Playoffs, and just general work stuff.

Taking some time off I realize I just don’t have the energy to run GolfBettingTips.org anymore. It’s a lot of work for no financial return and it was beginning to really wear on me.

However I do still enjoy writing betting tips. It helps keep me in check with my own bets. So I am not quitting; I will just be writing exclusively at https://www.SportsBettingTips.org in the future.

Tips will remain free of course! I will merge the websites within the next couple of weeks. If you don’t subscribe to the e-mails, you may wish to head on over to there and subscribe so you can get them in your inbox.

So do that now while checking the 3M Open & Cazoo Open Betting Tips that have just been posted.

Thanks for following over the years and here’s to many more at our new home. I will continue to link the tips over there each week until the sites merge.