April 14th, 2019 NBA Playoff Predictions

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What a Sunday we have ahead of us.

We’ve got the 2nd batch of Game 1s in the NBA Playoffs. We’ve got NHL playoff action. We’ve got the Masters.

Going to be a delightful day. I’ll be heading down to the local sports bar around lunchtime and won’t be leaving until….well until I am kicked out most likely. Or leave crying due to the results of the Masters. Man it’s been a tough one – although Cantlay stepping up today has been good.

Yesteday I analyzed the Saturday playoff series so today let’s tackle the Sunday playoff series.

Pacers vs Celtics Series Predictions:

I think this will be a tricky series for the Celtics. I’ve watched them a lot this season and I really feel they have their issues. Yes they were 3-1 over the Pacers this season and the Pacers are missing Victor Oladipo – but I feel that despite a solid overall record this year, the Celtics have some problems that will show up in this series.

Kyrie should have no problem with Collison of course but I think the Pacers defence will also cause issues overall for the Celtics.

This should be a hard fought series and I think the Celtics will win, but will leave with a few wounds.

Celtics to win 4-2: +391 odds

Thunder vs Blazers Series Predictions:

This should be an interesting series. To be honest right from the beginning I liked the Oklahama City Thunder to take this series. Jusef Nurkic being out is a bonus.

In saying that, the Blazers did go 7-2 without Nurkic and that’s impressive but the regular season is a lot different than the playoffs.

The Thunder took every game during the regular season and Lillard can’t stop Westbrook. Blazers wanted to avoid this matchup and while there are better teams than the Thunder, the Oklahoma City Thunder are just a horrific matchup for them and will cause problems all over the place.

In saying that Thunder do have their own issues but this is one series they should be embarassed to lose in my opinion.

Thunder win the series -125 odds

Pistons vs Bucks Series Predictions:

I mean what is there to write about here? Bucks win the series. Yeah sure we’re seeing the favourites get dominated in the NHL but it’s hard to see the Bucks lose here.

Bucks are a team that have performed very well all season. They can go out there and put in their B game and still put up the numbers.

The Detroit Pistons are a team where they need Griffin to step up and they need the bench to also do so and yet you know what? Even if they all play their A game it just isn’t enough.

It wouldn’t be the biggest shock in the world if the Pistons steal a game but by the numbers, I’ve gotta lock in Bucks to sweep at +180

Jazz vs Rockets Series Predictions:

A lot of people think this will be a close series but I think the Rockets are the much better team, and that quality will rise to the top.

Personally I think Rockets take this one 4-1. I think Harden & co are just going to be too much for the Jazz especially if Rubio isn’t at full health.

However 4-1 is just +275 odds so I see more value in taking the 4-2.

Rockets win in 6 games at +400 odds