April 2nd, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

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A 1-0 win last night with the NBA Tips.

We had the Miami Heat +7 and thanks to a big fourth quarter from them, they only lost by 5 points and of course covered the sprad.

Boston are always a tricky team to figure out as Vin mentioned and it was a close one last night. We wouldn’t have been surprised if the Heat actually won there but Boston showed up. Luckily their production just wasn’t enough.

It’s Tuesday, April 2nd and the season is getting closer to ending. We’ve got four games on the board at the moment as the Thunders host the Lakers looking to end their losing run.

The Spurs host Atlanta, and the Warriors host the Nuggets.

Let’s see what we got tonight – it’s at the stage where opinion really goes out of it and I find it’s more about the numbers and just hoping they back it up at this point:

Thunder vs Lakers Betting Tips:

By the numbers I think we’ve got to ride the hot Los Angeles Lakers at the moment.

They’re without LeBron James and a couple of others but that just seems to have helped them. They’re free to play basketball with no pressure at the moment. And no overbearing LeBron James who can really mess with the structure out there.

They’re going up against the Oklahoma City Thunder who are really battling motivation. I didn’t realize how bad it’s been this year but this is a team whose record against teams not in the playoffs in the West is 11-13. And 4 of those wins are the Suns.

What’s mostly interesting is looking at when the Thunder are in a slump. They rarely come out and crush a team. They seem to play a more cautious game.

I can’t believe I am betting on Rondo and Caldwell-Pope but this has been a season full of surprises. If the Thunder win by 50pts then welp that’s basketball.

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