April 4th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

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What a brutal second half performance that was from the Memphis Grizzlies last night.

Not sure what the hell was going on with them but they started strong and gave the Blazers a run for their money through the first two quarters. It was all going according to plan.

Then it looked like they just freaking fell asleep or something out there.

Very disappointing as that was an important game for them. While I don’t think they would have won I did think they would match the Blazers instead of falling off like that.

It is what it is. Sucks after such a great March to put up two losing days in a row.

April 4th tonight and a quiet night with three games on the board.

The 76ers host the Bucks, the Kings host the Cavaliers and the Lakers host the Warriors.

Bucks vs 76ers Betting Tips:

To me this just feels like one of those end of season games where neither team really cares too much and they just go out and have some fun.

The stars go out there to show off and the bench step up to try and show depth for when it comes to the playoffs.

So hopefully I’m right tonight. Giannis is back and pumped and ready to go. He had a massive game against the Nets and wants to go into the playoffs hot.

Bucks are still chasing the #1 seed and they will be up for it. Joel Embiid is back for the 76ers and that’s a great sign too.

Just have to think both teams are up for it and put on a show.

Over 230.5 Points