April 5th, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

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A 1-1 last night.

Well, the Raptors aren’t dead yet. We took the Celtics and points against them last night, but the Raptors blew them out by 15. This was one of those true 10-deep wins for the Raptors where nobody does anything amazing, but everyone does something. Time will tell how that fares in the playoffs, but for right now it has seemingly locked up the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

Our other win was the Sixers over the Pistons. For some odd reason, the Pistons were favored in this one despite the fact that they are booty. The Sixers won their 12th in a row and are now in a tie with the Cavaliers for the third seed in the Eastern Conference. Playoff basketball is coming soon and things are getting interesting!

Denver Nuggets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves Betting Tips:

This pick combines a few of my favorite things in the NBA: teams playing on the road at Denver, surging teams and struggling teams. The Wolves are the struggling team as they have really dropped in the standings since losing Jimmy Butler and recently got absolutely crushed by the Jazz at home. This is a team that is not in a good spot right now.

The Nuggets are surging. They’ve won three straight and with a win will move into a tie in the win column with the Wolves and Pelicans for the final spots of the playoffs. This is a big game for them and I expect them to come out strong in this one. On top of that, Denver is probably the most difficult court to play at in the NBA thanks to the higher elevation. It’s higher than any other NBA city and we’ve seen quite a few teams struggle with playing there.

Denver -5 for the win and the playoffs.


Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Washington Wizards Betting Tips:

The Cavs are back and I have no issue taking them tonight against the Wizards at home. Cleveland has really been rocking lately and I think they smell the Sixers on their backs and want to make sure they at least have a top-3 seed. Whether they get it or not is another question, but for tonight the Cavs -5.5 are looking good.

Golden State Warriors vs. Indiana Pacers Betting Tips:

A weird type of revenge game for the Warriors here. The Pacers beat them on their homecourt a week or so ago, but it was one of those games without Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. They didn’t play, but you can be sure that those guys sat on the bench and watched that game. They saw their team lose and the Pacers puff out their chest like they did something.

Look, the Warriors are way more talented than the Pacers even without Curry and the fact that they have Draymond, Klay and KD for this one would make me like them anyways, but that win by the Pacers gives this a little extra. Nobody likes to watch their team when they can’t do anything about it and I think the Warriors -2 take this one seriously and really take it to the Pacers in this one.