Brazil vs Belgium Betting Tips

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The quarter finals of the 2018 World Cup will see a good game between Brazil vs Belgium, two great teams. The winners of the match will face off against the winners of Uruguay vs France.

In portions, Brazil have looked like the team to beat in this World Cup. Their opening against Switzerland was incredible although they seemed to falter a fair bit after getting the first goal. They took awhile against Costa Rica but once they scored they looked incredible for the rest of injury time. Then it was two very solid performances against Serbia and Mexico.

Belgium looked like the superstars with 3 wins in 3 games in their group stages – although of course whether the result versus England was a good thing or not is arguable. They then had an incredibly confidence inspiring game against Japan. After a goalless first half they went down 2-0 within just 7 minutes of the restart. However they battled back well and it was beautiful to see.

Two powerhouses and we hope for a fun game.

Brazil vs Belgium Betting Odds:

Brazil To Win: 2.10
Belgium To Win: 3,75
Draw: 3.50

Tough one to call and I am doing a simple 1u bet on Belgium to qualify for value. Read my analysis below or back it at

(Odds on this page are correct as of 2018/07/03 3:55:33 PM EST but are subject to change)

Brazil Analysis:

Brazil have been a solid team especially in the last two games. They have also shown flashes of extreme brilliance. They showed their grit as well in the group stages with the injury time goal as they just kept firing away.

What’s scary is when they take the lead at times – they look so confident and play so well. They play very well as a team and also of course have the individuals. Against Mexico they simply had to weather the storm and when Mexico couldn’t get the goal they needed they tired. So while it was a great result for Brazil and a solid defensive performance it was in part due to Mexico tiring.

Their creativity were excellent though and it was impressive that they held off a tough Mexico team.

Belgium Analysis:

What a game that was against Japan. Just an incredible game.

While it was obviously a scary game for Belgian fans and backers, overall it was one of those games where the better team won out. The Belgium offense looked excellent.

While I am sure they didn’t want to be scared like that it will have given them a new found confidence as they go up against the Brazilians.

I liked the way Belgium responded as well with the solid tactical change of bringing Fellaini on. Always good seeing something like that and knowing the manager knows how to respond.

Belgium vs Brazil Betting Tips:

I think there is just enough value to bet 1u on Belgium to qualify. Honestly I would be leaning Brazil as I know what they are capable of – but I think that Japan game was a big one for Belgium and something they needed.

Sometimes you need a little wake up call and that is what Belgium had. Now Japan are not the best opposition but it’s a big achievement to come back from 2 goals down like that. Its only 1 unit as I do think Brazil are the better team but I like the value on Belgium and think that Japan result will really strengthen them going into this one. You can bet it at