Cavs vs Warriors Game 4 Betting Tips

Cavs vs Warriors Game 4 takes place tonight. The Golden State Warriors lead 3-0 in the games and look to sweep.

In a parallel universe JR Smith made that pass and put the Cavs up 1-0 and who knows where things would be.

But we’re sitting here on the verge of a sweep although the sportsbooks have it close with the Cavs at 4.5 points underdogs.

The Warriors lead 3-0 this time last year and the Cavs were able to force a Game 5. Can they do the same again?

Graeme: I’m so disappointed in this series and so disappointed in the Cavs as a whole. Kevin Love has stepped up but he’s really the only one to do so and the rest of the players are just not final quality.

The Cavs had a huge 13 point lead at one point in the last game and for them to blow it was brutal.

Honestly it’d take a super human performance from the Cavs and all of them playing their A game here. In saying that you have to wonder if the Warriors prefer the sweep or the home court. I think they’d want the sweep more.

I believe Lebron has only got swept once which was in the 2007 NBA Finals.

I’m going to go with Cavs to win the first half. I think they at least start strong.

Vin: The last game went pretty close to how I expected it would until the last couple minutes. That’s when Kevin Durant went supernova and the Cavaliers were just outgunned. The Warriors can afford a bad game from Klay Thompson or even Stephen Curry when they have Durant. It’s the ultimate cheat code and why this team is just so darn good.

The NBA Finals are now on the brink of ending and LeBron James’ career in Cleveland could be coming to an end as well. That said, I don’t think the NBA is going to let that happen. Or at least, they don’t want that to happen. Not for another game at least. A sweep is bad for ratings and their bottom line.

Tonight we’ll see Scott Foster take the court as head referee. We wrote about Scott Foster a bit last round as he had a crazy record against the Rockets. He definitely tends to favor the home team with the whistle and I could see a lot of calls going against the Warriors in this one.

Last Finals that’s exactly what happened as the Cavs grabbed game four for their only win of the series. I could see the Warriors being content with that and taking it back to finish it at home. The league certainly would be happy with it too. I think LeBron leaves it all on the floor tonight in what could be his last game as a Cavalier in front of these fans and Cleveland +4.5 grabs the win.

They should do that by playing into the Cavs gameplan which is not fast. The amount of whistles should also clog up play and not allow the Warriors to play the type of basketball they want to. This could be a slow one and I also like the under 215.5 on this one.

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