December 17th, 2022 NCAA Bowl Game Betting Tips

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College football bowl game bets for Saturday, December 17th, 2022.

We’re back with some college football action. This day should be pretty interesting due to the number of coaches and starters that will be out for these teams. Some people see that as a negative, but I only see opportunities.

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Cincinnati vs. Louisville Betting Tips:

Florida vs. Oregon State Betting Tips:

Oregon State plays Florida here, but Florida isn’t really the Florida team that we saw all season. The big thing here is they will be without Anthony Richardson who was the main reason we bet on them all season long. I don’t like the backup options behind him much, especially since their main backup was arrested a few months ago. We’re looking at the third string at best. Plus, he’s not the only one out. I expect the run game to be the focus for Florida, but out of necessity more than anything. Any pass play will be subject to turnovers.

The Beavers will be a bit more intact and, I’m thinking, a bit more excited to be playing in a bowl game. OSU will pound the run and they should have a lot of success in doing so.

The line here is at 8.5, but I’d probably go to -10 if needed.

Pick of the day: Oregon State -8.5

Fresno State vs. Washington State Betting Tips:

I may be completely underrating the Fresno State and the Mountain West conference, but I really don’t get this line. Yes, Washington State gave up a ton of points and yards to Washington in their last game, but that was a completely different ballgame. A rival and one of the better offensive teams in a tough division. Their defense impressed throughout the year outside of a couple of really ugly ones.

Fresno State finished strong, but they also finished their schedule was weak at the end.

Of the two similar opponents, USC and Oregon, both teams lost both games, but I think WSU’s defense was a bit more impressive. This has been a season of steady improvement for WSU and winning their first bowl game since 2018 would be a nice cap on that. I think they do it.

Washington State +4

SMU vs. BYU Betting Tips:

Let’s reward ourselves after three games that could be low on offense with some offensive firepower.

Both of these teams allowed over 30 points per game on defense this season while scoring 31+.

There is a good chance that neither starting QB plays, but I am not going to let that get in the way of a good play. The defenses both have struggled with the pass rush and both offensives have tough offensive lines. That should mean plenty of time for the more inexperienced QBs to find open receivers.

SMU/BYU Over 64.5
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