Euro 2020 Quarter Final Betting Tips

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After a fun couple of days, we are now down to the quarter finals of Euro 2020.

Part of me wishes they would stretch it out with one game per day but either way we are in for two electric days.

My wife is gonna be mad when she founds out on Saturday, after arriving home from the cottage at 11:30am, that I won’t be able to unpack anything until like after 5!

Due to time constraints while being at the cottage etc I am just going to cove rall four games within this post.

Switzerland vs Spain Betting Tips

Spain are pretty heavy favourites for this one at about 1.61 odds to win in 90 minutes. 2nd biggst favourites of this stage next to England.

Switzerland managed to pull back an epic comeback againts France to get here. Spain have just been something else entirely. To go from semingly unable to score to get 10 goals in over two games.

We’ve got to expect goals here based on the last machups the two had. The Swiss are missing Xhaka which is a loss. It’s so tough though because an early goal can change everything – such as in the Spain game. That can be what opens it all up.

The Swiss will come in confident having beat France, with nothing to lose. I’ve got to go with 2u on Over 2.5 Goals at 1.90 odds.

Belgium vs Italy Betting Tips

Both teams come in with perfect records thus far. Both teams have three clean sheets.

Belgium are the team I rate that bit more though having come through that Portugal encounter unscathed. Italy meanwhile needed extra time to beat Austria.

Belgium however have a couple of beaten up players in De Bruyne and Hazard. Not serious injuries but enough to hurt them.

Not really seeing a bet in this game I feel good about. With the over 2.5 goals being so high at like 2.37 odds I’ll probably throw a casual bet on it. Not enough to advise though.

Czech Republic vs Denmark Betting Tips

It was mixed results for both teams in the group stages but Denmark and the Czechs both had very successful games last time out. The Czechs beat a very poor Netherlands team 2-0, and Denmark beat Wales 4-0.

I lean more towards Denmark. Hell I am cheering them on I must admit. If you are a neutral how can you not?

I must admit I like the over/under odds. 2.5 goals over at 2.37 odds? Pretty darn good. Both teams have shown they can score as well as concede and I am going to lean towards that more than Denmark win. 1u on over 2.5 goals at 2.37 odds.

Ukraine vs England Betting Tips

I assume when they show highlights of Ukraine vs Sweden in England, it’s dubbed over with the Benny Hill music. That’s what that extra time period felt like.

England are yet to concede the entire tournament Ukraine have been quite poor overall.

As a Scotsman I’ll be rooting on Ukraine obviously. England to win to nill is probably the best bet but I can’t bring myself to do that.

I’m going to avoid this one as well. The fact that England will not be at home might end up being an issue for them. England to win to nil is probably the best bet though.