Italy vs Spain, England vs Denmark Betting Tips

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The semi finals of Euro 2020 are upon us.

Little bit late getting to these just trying to get adjusted to being back from the cottage.

It was 1-1 on the quarter finals with the over 2.5 losing in the Spain game, and winning in the Czech Republic vs Denmark game.

I ended up betting England to win to nil, and then I turned it off at 2-0 just disgusted. I’m so glad I don’t live in Scotland anymore. I really think this is a tournament England is taking, and the great depression that would fall over the entire nation of Scotland would be too hard to bear.

At least in Canada I can generally shake it off. Similar to when Rangers lose to Celtic etc; no-one here really gives a toss so I can go about my day no problem. While if I lived in Scotland everyone knows and all Rangers fans are in a depressive funk.

I did see one article on The Score stating how England are the neutrals favourite. Give me a break. Neutrals need to be cheering on Denmark. They are the special ones.

Let’s look at the semi finals:

Italy vs Spain:

Spain have stumbled big time to get here. Just two victories – the 5-0 win over Slovakia and the 5-3 win over Croatia. The 1-1 draw against 10 men Switzerland, and draws against Sweden and Poland.

Italy have been an interesting one. They never had any super tough opposition it seemed but then they looked exceptional against Belgium,.

I don’t think you can count Spain out though. They are a tricky team and we haven’t seen the best of them yet.

I’m going to go with 1u on the Draw after 90 minutes at 3.27 odds. I think we will see this one go late.

England vs Denmark:

England are yet to concede a goal this tournament. They just had a huge confidence boosting win over Ukraine. If they concede a goal will they fall to pieces? Boy I hope so.

England are at home where they have the advantage. Denmark won’t have the support they have had. I was initially thinking of BTTS but at 2.10 odds I don’t think it’s worth it considering Englands defensive performances thus far.

Nice simple 3u on England to win in 90 minutes at 1.74 odds is good enough for me.