March 26th, 2019 NBA Betting Tips

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Vin went with the one tip last night and it didn’t pay off. He thought the 76ers would bounce back but that wasn’t the case. After a solid first half performance Philly completely fell off and the Magic took it in the second half.

Must have just been one of those things where Orlando got fired up at the half and came out pumped while Philly thought they were going to coast.

If you haven’t seen the Jusuf Nurkic injury – don’t look ha. Ouch. One of those where you just yell out loud. If you really want to see it, here’s a link. Absolutely brutal that one and hope he recovers.

At least they were able to clinch a playoff berth. That was nice.

Busy night tonight with a lot of games let’s get to it:

Spurs vs Hornets Betting Tips:

The Spurs are generally on my “do not bet” list but I’ve just got to back the Charlotte Hornets here.

That Jeremy Lamb finish against the Raptors was absolutely massive. First of all the Hornets keeping up with Toronto the whole way through was impressive. That’s three impressive wins in a row by the Hornets.

They’re the engine that just keeps chugging. They’re not a great team and they’ll get smashed if they make the playoffs but they just have that belief to keep battling. The finish against the Raptors will only add to that.

So I’ve got to think this one goes down to the wire or that the Hornets just don’t give up. They have 9 games left and 3 of them are at home so they have to win this one as well. The pressure isn’t getting to them.

Spurs had a couple of tough losses but bounced back strong in Boston. They can’t be underrestimated. But I am happy to take the points here as Charlotte have given no indication that they will do anything but take it to the wire, regardless of the opponent.

https://www.Bovada.lvHornets +4