March 7th, 2019 Betting Tips: NBA, NHL, College Basketball

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Last night saw the Los Angeles Lakers dropped their third straight game and any hope of making the playoffs seems to be shot. In this game, LeBron James passed Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list, but that seems pretty hollow when you consider how poorly this team played.

Most everyone expects Luke Walton to be fired after the season which is really a shame as this season’s play seems much more at the feet of the front office than the coach. They had no defense much of the year and that has a lot to do with them not having a solid back-up center. The lineups with Kuzma playing center really bled points. If LeBron never gets hurt, this team definitely makes the playoffs, but injuries are apart of basketball. The Lonzo Ball injury has really hurt the defense as well, but at the end of the day it’s been the veterans that have really tanked this season. The offseason of this team is going to be very, very interesting.

NBA Betting Tips:

Oklahoma City Thunder at Portland Trail Blazers: The Blazers have been a great home team this season with a 24-8 record in games in Portland, but I am leaning towards the Thunder here. Why? One reason: Paul George is back. He has been a real MVP candidate all season and his absence really showed with this team. While I enjoy the Blazers play, I just don’t feel like they have anyone who can match up with George on either side of the court. Since the Thunder are actually getting points here, I feel really confident in this pick.

Bet Thunder +4

NCAA Basketball Betting Tips:

Temple at UConn: UConn is a small favorite here as they have a great home record on the season at 13-4 record in home games this season. That said, Temple are having a great season and already beat them by 18 earlier this season. I just think Temple is the better team here and has the brighter future this season.

Bet Temple +1.5

NHL Betting Tips:

Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Pittsburgh Penguins: I don’t really get what’s happening with the Jackets of late. They made some moves at the deadline, but they have really been struggling of late. One of their recent losses was a 5-2 home loss to the Penguins. Pittsburgh is getting things done of late and I just have a hard time seeing the Jackets fixing what is wrong with them in this match-up. The Penguins just always put up points and the way things are going, I don’t see the Jackets doing much to overcome that.

Bet Penguins -127

Chicago Blackhawks at Buffalo Sabres: This game is going to feature some goals. The defense and goaltending of these teams has not been great all season and a 7+ goal game is not out of the question whatsoever. Both of these teams are on the very fringe of the playoffs, but everyone still has a reason to play. I’m expect a big scoring game here.

Bet Blackhawks/Sabres Over 7 Goals