May 2nd, 2018 NBA Betting Tips

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What a night it was in the NBA last night.

Our series betting pick of the Cavs +1.5 got off to a great start with the Cavs actually winning Game 1 over the Raptors in overtime.

That was a crushing blow for the Raptors and it was one game where the Cavs actually stepped up a bit and LeBron wasn’t doing it just by himself. If they can keep that up they should be able to take this series.

The Warriors beat the Pelicans but it was a closer result than expected. Warriors were still the better team but they probably needed a little bit of time to adjust to Curry being back.

Only the one game this evening as the Jazz take on the Rockets. Houston lead the series 1-0.

Rockets vs Jazz Game 2 Betting Tips:

Vin: The Rockets came out guns blazing in game one of the series and showed the world why they were the best team in the regular season. James Harden is unstoppable and Chris Paul is playing some of the best basketball of his career. This team is ready to go for the Western Conference Finals today, but there are still games to play.

The loss of Ricky Rubio hurt this team quite a bit and it’s not one I expect them to be able to overcome. Game one was decided in the first half though. The score in the first half was 64-39, that’s bad and I have a hard time seeing things going exactly that bad again. The Jazz ended up playing better in the second half, but things were out of reach by that point.

New Orleans showed us last night that game two is always different than game one, no matter what. The high of the first home game is over and the adjustments are made. While teams don’t always win the second game, they are usually closer and that’s what I’m thinking happens with the Jazz here. Donovan Mitchell played much better in the second half than the first and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more Dante Exum in this game.

I think Houston wins this one, but the spread is just too high and I’m going with the Jazz +11.5 in this game.

Graeme: Game 1 was a very intriguing game to watch. First if the Rockets shoot like that every night then there’s not one team that is going to be able to compete with them in the playoffs.

Second is that they have the defense to match as well and they had a beautiful defensive game plan on display in that game. It was a high pressure D that the Jazz couldn’t contend with. They let off a bit in the 2nd half but all they need to do is keep that up and put the game out of reach.

However I don’t think Game 2 will go the same way. I like the Jazz to make the necessary adjustments here to at least keep it close. You won’t see 18 freaking turnovers in this game surely. They’re going to learn as well and have a more dynamic offense that goes for more 3 pointers.

The real question is if the Jazz can make the necessary adjustments and I believe they can. Jazz +11.5.