NFL 2021 Week 12: Late Game Bets

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Today I will be covering the late games that shall be taking place this afternoon and evening in the NFL.

I’ve already covered the early game bets in the NFL.

We have three games in the afternoon, then Sunday Night Football featuring the Browns vs Ravens. One of those clashes that pre-season I would have been super excited about. Now it’s kind of meh.

In saying that remember that banger they had last December? One of my favourite games of the season. I loved the way the Browns utilized Chubb and Hunt in that game. Let’s hope for more of that.

Anyway let’s get on with todays betting tips and analysis:

Broncos vs Chargers

Broncos are 2.5 point dogs here. You’d think this would be a tough game for Bridgewater but man look at what Big Ben & co did. Broncos may be able to keep the pressure on the Chargers here and stifle Herbert.

Love what Ekeler is doing although again, Broncos defense may be a tighter test for him.

Overall I feel like Chargers will be too strong for the Broncos offensively. I don’t feel super great about this one – but after the Eagles went to town, I’ll back the Chargers to follow. Chargers -2.5

Packers vs Rams

Packers 1 point underdogs. Rams off the rails lately which is a concern and when you look at the teams they beat prior to that bye week – GIants, Lions and Texans – you kind of want to wait a bit to have faith in them.

Rodgers had a hell of a game last week and his DEFINITELY NOT COVID TOE didn’t affect things. Rodgers is one of those rare guys that really can decide a game. Going to stay away from this but I lean the Packers just because of Rodgers.

49ers vs Vikings

If the 49ers are back, then so be it. But I’m not quite convinced. The Jags are bad and man they got such bad luck with penalties etc. Vikings come in off the back of some solid results and Cousins has been excellent lately.

Jimmy G I love the guy but I don’t think he is the guy that can carry the 49ers. Interesting seeing Aiyuk step up and Deebo is playing well too. But I’m happy to take the points here. Vikings +3 is my play of the week..

Ravens vs Browns:

Browns come in not being the most impressive team lately, but their defense hasn’t did too shabby other than that Pats game. Ravens are just a big head scratch for the most part.

Baker isn’t producing well. Lamar should be healthy. Hollywood expected to play. I’ve no idea on this one honestly. It’s too volatile. I’m just going to bet the over 47, and hope for a similar game to last year.