NFL 2022 Thanksgiving Day Props

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Thanksgiving Football time!

I freaking love this day. Add in the randomness of the World Cup taking place on the same day and I’m just in freaking heaven.

I thought I would go all three games taking place today and do player prop betting tips for each one. The World Cup betting tips are taking up a lot of my time but I hope to resume normal business with NFL bets this week. And my Patriots are playing as well which is a nice wee bonus.

Let’s get to it:

Lions vs Bills:

Bit of a tricky one player prop wise. Like look at the Lions running game for example – you’d expect Swift to have resumed as primary back but that isn’t the case at all.

Lions are a team you want to throw against and even though there’s obviously a couple of concerns about Allen, you know he’s going to throw it here. Have to think we see quite a few deep plays which will likely be going to Diggs.

I’m going with Diggs Over 92.5 receiving yards as I feel that is the way they will play this one, and it just needs one big throw to really cement this one as a win. Diggs has went over this 70% of the time this season, and a lot of receivers have put up triple digit points against them.

Cowboys vs Giants:

Man was that Cowboys game something else last week. Did Cousins think it was in prime time or something? Although really not his fault his OL decided to take a vacation day all at the same time.

Cowboys will be coming in with some big momentum. Dak is someone I was hesitant about but damn he has looked good since returning. The Giants pass D is regressing. Now without Jackson as well.

I’m going with Schultz over 40.5 receiving yards. He was on a roll up until last week but Prescott has loved utilizing him. Giants are banged up, and don’t have good metrics against tight ends. Seems a great spot to utilize him.

Vikings vs Patriots:

Jones coming off a solid game (for him). I think the proper play here against the Vikings it short passes and that should be right up the Patriots alley.

The total on passing attempt is high, but I still think we hit the over on it. Although you just never know with Bill. But I’m going with Over 31.5. He’s went over that 3 times this season and as long as this game is competitive then that should be the case again.