NFL Week 11 Late Game Bets

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Sunday! In todays post I will be covering all of the NFL action taking place in the late afternoon and evening games.

I have already covered the Week 11 Early Games in another post.

We have three games kicking off at 4pm EST onwards. The Cardinals vs 9ers, Bengals vs Raiders and Patriots vs Eagles. Then Sunday Night Football is the Bears vs Rams.

The Patriots vs Eagles game will be the one most people are paying attention to no doubt. As a Patriots fan I’ll be glued to that one. The other two games have big double point spreads so not expected to be too exciting although have to wonder how the 9ers are doing with the injuries, and their unbeaten run coming to an end.

Let’s look at Sundays action:

NFL Week 11 Late Game Bets:

Cardinals at 49ers: 10 point spread with an over/under of 44. Kyler Murray is coming in off a great game against the Bucs and he will be confident. The 49ers of course have injuries like Kwon Alexander and Ronald Blair. They also hvae offensive injuries and I am not sure we can count on Jimmy G to do the business. Plus a slightly shorter turnaround. Honestly this is one of those games where there is just a lot of negatives against the 49ers here. Christian Kirk also stepped up alas it’s not the Bucs he gets to play here. Sherman will be tough on him no doubt. However I see this as a tight game and am taking Cardinals +10. Just too any question marks about the 9ers right now.

Bengals at Raiders: 11.5 point spread with the Raiders the favourite and an over/under of 48.5. Bengals have a lot of issues of course. We’ll probably see more action from Joe Mixon here. I think this is one where the Raiders slowly wear the Bengals down but I just think that point spread is too high and no bet for me.

The Mighty New England Patriots at the Eagles: Pats are -4 and over/under of 44.5. Big game for the Patriots and a big test for Tom Brady. They’re coming off the bye week fresh and will have had the game plan ready for this one. Brady needs to pass the ball a lot and pass the ball well. He has been odd this season I have felt – sometimes during games it looks like age has caught up with him and other times he looks good as new. However Sanu looked great against the Ravens and I think the defense is up for this one after being shellshocked. Ravens offense is dynamic and Eagles isn’t. Pats -4

Bears at Rams: Bears are 6 point underdogs with the over/under at 40. Not expected to be the most exciting SNF game that is for damn sure. Trubisky actually looked good last week for once and I hope that has given him confidence. However this is a big step up in defense. The Rams offense is terrible though too. I think the Rams need to run Gurley a lot here. Honestly I hate to say it but the under looks good. No actual pick here – just go to bed early night instead people. Get drunk during the day, then head to bed early with lots of water and skip this game.