NFL Week 7 2021 Betting Tips: Late Games

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Hi everyone,

If you are looking for the early game predictions, I already posted my NFL Week 7 Betting Tips article yesterday.

All of the 1pm EST kickoff games are in there.

In this post I will cover the four NFL games taking place in the afternoon, as well as the Sunday Night Football game featuring the Colts at 49ers.

Let’s get right into it although looking at those point spreads, there’s a couple of easy passes:

Rams vs Lions:

16 point spread. Variance is too much for something like that and I’m going to skip it.

But if you want some analysis – Rams crushing it mostly obviously. Just a heck of a team. Lost to the Cards but beat the Bucs. Covered this spread a few times. Lions – man, I feel bad for that team. They are an absolute dumpster fire and it’s sad to see.

I hope Goff has a big game honestly. With his coach plus the Rams. You just gotta cheer that, no? Rams likely cover but too high for me.

Raiders vs Eagles:

Raiders 3 point favourites. Some mixed results for them after the great start to the season. Eagles are one of those teams who it’s hard to really figure out. Some competitive performances to their credit.

Hurts struggled so hard last week when it came to passing but his rushing is still second to none. If he could pass? Man he’d be something special.

I liked what the Raiders did last week and they looked strong. Carr led them well.

I think Raiders carry on the momentum and have too many weapons. Raiders -3

Buccaneers vs Bears:

Bears are 11.5 point dogs. Man all the big underdogs eh. Bears offense quite disappointing right now. I hope Fields gets rolling soon. They have pulled off a couple of nice wins though against the Bengals and Raiders. Neither team is a pushover.

Bears probably can’t run here so they should just let Fields go nuts and see what happens. Let him have fun out there.

AB out for Bucs. Honestly I have a slight lean on Bears covering here but that’s only if they let Fields have at it and I am not sure they will. Basically a big coaching decision that I am not sure about and am going to skip.

Cardinals vs Texans:

Another big point spread. Cards -18. I’m skipping. Looking at the Cards results I’m not sure I could back them to cover. Texans did have that good game against the Pats but most of what we see is the Bills and Colts like performances.

Cards probably cover though. I did like seeing the Texans using Ingram so often last week and I hope they do that more often.

49ers vs Colts:

Colts come in confident having blasted the Texans, taking the Ravens to OT, and of course a good result over the Dolphins.

49ers coming in on a three game losing streak.

Wentz is playing very well for the Colts. 49ers have Jimmy G going with Lance with a knee sprain. Maybe him the whole game will help.

Hilton is of course an injury concern. IS HE NEVER NOT? I’ve had him in a keeper fantasy league for years where we have to play like 6 wide recievers (yes it’s very silly) and it seems he is always bloody crippled.

I like 49ers to bounce back this week. 49ers -4 is a play for me.